4 Tactics to Build Your Business with Pinterest

Social channels are essential for any successful business strategy. While most may think of obvious social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, one often under-used social platform that businesses should focus on for growth is Pinterest.

With 291 million monthly active users worldwide and awareness reach of 72% as reported by Statista, it is a no-brainer to optimize this channel to build your business. Read on for 4 tactics to build your business with Pinterest.

Focus on Pinterest for your social media marketing

Make sure that you truly dedicate time to put into this social channel. Know what types of content your audiences will find appealing and start sharing that in fun ways on your Pinterest account. Any webpage or landing page that you want to drive traffic to, you should be sharing on Pinterest.

Create and share visually appealing content

Pinterest is a highly visual medium. A lot can show up at once, and you want to make sure to catch consumers’ eyes with your pins. Put some effort into the design or photo that you highlight with your pins so that you’ll get people looking at what you share.

Invest in Pinterest’s promotional pins

Sometimes it pays to pay for ads to drive awareness and traffic for your business. If you aren’t getting enough organic traffic from your pins, try paying for some promoted pins to start getting buzz around one or a few specific pins.

Use data to improve your profile

Once you have had enough time to acquire some analytics, take a look at Pinterest’s analytics so you can make better-informed decisions about how your pins are performing. Optimize the pins that are driving the most traffic to your site and improve pins that can be performing better.

Jacob Littlejohn

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