Avoid Costly Construction Payroll Mistakes

The credibility of a construction company passes the test time when it can pay its employees. Payroll for construction companies is becoming a real pain in the neck. The moment builders break ground on a project, the clock ticks on crucial milestones and deadlines. A construction company requires a CIS payroll expert to help in the complex area of accounting.

Here are a few construction payroll mistakes to evade.

Not planning ahead

Planning lets you get ahead of any problems. Try to evaluate your expenses, including labor and subcontractor costs. Work with a CIS Payroll Company that understands the industry and your cash flow cycles and make recommendations for you. Review of the construction payroll may vary month to month. Nevertheless, when estimating payroll expenses, many employers forget to add employer taxes. The taxing is about 15%.

Do you declare the status of employment subcontractors?

If a contractor provides incorrect data deliberately on the status of contracting, the HMRC imposes a penalty business. It will be devastating if the HMRC decides to reclassify your subcontractors. CIS payroll experts help your firm avoid mistakes that jeopardize the relationship between the company and its workforce.

Do you understand the payroll deadlines?

Did you know that a late return under the CIS scheme triggers penalties? It is vital to comply with CIS rules. The construction company may miss deadlines because of workloads that become overwhelming. Contractors and subcontractors submit statutory deductions like national insurance and income tax each week or month. Construction payroll helps companies to make online monthly returns to the HMRC. And another thing assists in confirming the employment status of subcontractors with the details of deductions made.

Do you comply with labor and wages?

Non-compliance with legal requirements can land you in bad experiences. When a CIS legislation changes, a CIS Payroll Company will be on top of things, so you do not have to worry about the processes.

Do you stick to a process?

A builder follows the best practice while working on a project like building a site. The same diligence ought to show in construction payroll. If you follow a process, you will logically handle the issues with minimal errors. Is the entry of employee bank details and next of kin correct?


There is a need for accurate record-keeping in the construction industry. It is indispensable for business owners to invest in a CIS Payroll that makes building payroll for builders simple. The payroll solution handles paperwork for the business and giving the owner freedom of not worrying about HRMCs regulations. Companies should use Construction Payroll as an investment rather than an expense. With this information, construction companies can avoid payroll mistakes that bring potential damages to their business.

Jonathan Rice

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