Bedtime Habits To Improve Your Dental Health 

Sure, what you eat and how you clean your teeth determines your dental health. However, taking care of your teeth at night before you go to sleep is extremely important. Consistent is necessary when it comes to taking care of your teeth and gums. You do not achieve good oral health overnight, but you sure can damage your teeth in the 8 hours while you sleep. 

It is crucial to brush and floss your teeth before going to bed. The remaining small food particles between your teeth can give birth to bacteria, leading to plaque and tartar formation. You should adopt a few good bedtime habits to improve your dental health. Book an appointment at the Alpine Dental Center today. 

Bedtime habits to improve your dental health 

  • Brush and floss your teeth before bed. 

An oral hygiene routine is nothing without brushing and flossing. Both steps are important, although many people tend to skip the second one. Brushing removes the tiny food particles lingering in your mouth and cleans plaque. Flossing is important because it cleans the food particles and plaque between the small spaces of your teeth where your toothbrush bristles cannot reach easily. 

  • Incorporate the right brushing techniques. 

Dentists recommend brushing by moving your toothbrush in gentle, slow, and short back-and-forth motions. Brush the outer parts of the teeth first, then do the inside part as well. Most people forget to clean the part that is not visible to them in the mirror. Next, do not forget to brush the ones at the back that help you chew your food. Most of the tiny food particles are stuck there. 

  • Clean your tongue. 

Cleaning the tongue is another step after flossing that most people tend to ignore. The tongue has various harmful bacteria, food deposits, and plaque that can ruin your teeth overnight if not cleaned. You can clean your tongue using your toothbrush bristles, the back of your toothbrush, or with the help of a proper tongue cleaner. Not cleaning the tongue can reduce your benefits from brushing and flossing. 

  • Rinse your mouth with mouthwash. 

If you have not yet invested in a good mouthwash, it is time you do it now. There are various mouthwashes in the market, making several promises, but you should get the one that suits your needs. For example, you can choose between alcohol and non-alcohol mouthwash. Non-alcoholic ones are recommended for people suffering from dry mouth conditions. 

If you are suffering from dental issues, do not hesitate to book a dental appointment today. 

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