Capturing Signal Messages

One of the many things businesses love about mobile communication now is the security it can give them. For instance, using Signal can give them encrypted texts, including videos and voice messages. 

With the help of data or wireless connection, it is advantageous to organizations who don’t want to pay extra for SMS messages and phone calls. 

With its convenience, many are integrating Signal with their day-to-day business activities. However, their hyper-private features make them vulnerable to companies that need clear visibility regarding their communication messages for compliance purposes.

This is where signal archive messages come into play.

What is Signal Archiving?

Archiving signal messages is the process of protecting messages and storing them in a safe storage. This allows users to access and recover them anytime they need.

Creating a robust record of signal messages and calls is vital in the business landscape. Not only to protect businesses but also to stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

How to Archive Signal Conversations?

Typically, this process includes the following:

  • Open Signal messages to view the list of messages you have.
  • Select the chat and swipe to the right, then hold and select. Archive from the preferences at the top.
  • Once you have the messages in archive, upload them to a shared cloud or drive.

Note that each time you archive and save a back-up, you will have to encounter a challenging 30-digit passphrase before transferring another message.

While this is the standard process, you can lessen this arduous task for you and your employees’ sake by relying on other solid archiving methods.

Partner with a Third-Party System

Fortunately, you can archive Signal messages perfectly with the help of a third-party system. Consider LeapXpert’s archiving expertise; they provide the solution, lessening human error. If you want to know more about their services, contact them here today! 


Thomas Jung

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