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Going far beyond the profits generated for owners and shareholders, companies have an extremely important role in society: they create jobs and move the economy, delivering products and services that improve people’s lives, meet their needs and generate innovation. But together with this great social responsibility, it is essential that any company is also a sustainable company.

Create transparency in processes

As we already mentioned, a sustainable company is also concerned with the social impact it causes with the performance of its activities. Therefore, it is essential to have processes that aim at transparency in relation to the public, showing what is done along the business’s productive chain and how it is able to generate products and services for its consumers.

By having access to how things happen within a company, people start to develop more empathy, trust and understanding about the company’s values ​​and mission. Being important for the general understanding of the company’s policy and practices, in the long run, transparency in the processes ends up considerably increasing customer loyalty rates. The rubbish removal Sydney service happens to be the best choice in this case when it comes to the proper options.

Decrease the consumption of disposables

A sustainable company needs to create a culture of sustainability in its daily life. This means that the company should promote practices aimed at the conscious use of resources, which includes not only reducing the use of paper in its administrative routines, but also reducing the consumption of materials aimed at food and cleaning services, such as disposable materials.

Thus, it is very important to encourage employees to bring their own kitchen utensils, such as mugs, so as not to use plastic cups. In the case of cleaning services, the company may implement some equipment and materials, such as hand dryers and returnable garbage cans, instead of offering paper towels and plastic bags, respectively.

Manage waste

Contrary to what many people may think, just installing trash cans for the disposal of recycled materials does not add much in terms of sustainability. It is just the tip of the iceberg, that is, the beginning of the long process towards the conscious separation of materials that are discarded in the company. In practice, it is necessary to create an efficient and effective waste management.

In addition to the separation of waste according to the different types, other alternatives are needed. Among them are the search for partnerships with local recycling cooperatives to collect separate waste and the creation of campaigns to reduce the use of disposables (such as the infamous plastic cups). These are actions that do a lot to make your company sustainable, in fact.

Review the infrastructure

The physical space where your company is installed can become a machine that generates waste of natural resources. Reviewing the infrastructure as a whole, checking for water leaks, poorly made electrical installations (including potentially dangerous ones) and air conditioning systems is a good start to making the company economically sustainable.

Last Words

In addition, extremely simple attitudes, such as painting the walls white to better reflect the light, replacing the fluorescent lamps with LED models, installing presence sensors in places with little circulation of people and maintaining or replacing equipment and appliances can mean absurd electricity savings. It’s good for your pocket and good for the environment.

Jacob Littlejohn

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