Tips to start your bakery business

It is the number 1 symbol, we are recognized for being the best bakers in the world and this profession never ceases to interest and fascinate. From baguettes, special breads to pastries and other delicacies, the profession of baker remains a strong symbol of craftsmanship despite the economic difficulties of the profession. You can’t improvise yourself as a baker. What are the keys to opening a bakery? For the kev’s best this is important.

Validate Your Idea

Before you start, make sure your idea is the right one. What are your motivations? Are you starting out as a fad or is it the result of real strategic thinking? The project evaluation tool can help you see more clearly and give you the tracks to structure your reflection.

Develop Your Concept

You are probably not the only baker in your city or region. What is your strength? What is the particularity of your offer of your concept? Only your style will make the difference in a tough competitive world. This can be original communication, the layout of your premises, your ethical commitment, etc. Offer a value proposition that is part of a global concept and that will constitute “your trademark”.

Conduct Market Research

You will have to take into account the economic elements and in particular the crisis among small traders and crafts. Is this an opportunity or a threat to your business? How will you bounce back and adapt if there is a change in X months or X years? These reflections could in particular take the form of a business plan that you will have carried out taking as a working basis an unfavorable economic situation (a low assumption).

 Take Training And Join A Network

Perhaps you have an initial training in a field far from the profession of baker? Perhaps you should consider taking specialized training in order to identify the different contours of your future activity. This can only increase your chances of success.

Finally, to break professional isolation and learn about business practices and developments,  you can join a network  and therefore have access to all the advantages that this entails:

  • Pooling of certain means of communication
  • Business contribution
  • Training
  • Exchange of good practices
  • Moments of conviviality (seminars, informal meetings, etc.)

Write Your Business Plan

Essential step, the business will have to be carried out in several versions. As mentioned previously, the particularity of bakery lies in the fact that it is a sector which is constantly evolving. Integrating its fluctuations in your business plan will be a guarantee of seriousness, “you will have thought of everything!”. To help you in writing your business plan, discover the advice of our experts for a successful bakery business plan. It is accompanied by financial tables such as:

  • The provisional income statement
  • The provisional balance
  • The financing plan

The cash budget

We have designed a business plan model that has already helped hundreds of travel agency founders in this process. Feel free to use it if you have any difficulties.

Clare Louise

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