What Makes Storage Units Great For Businesses

Storage units are becoming increasingly popular with modern, 21st-century businesses. Whereas in the early days they were used to store old, household items, they are very much used as corporate entities in 2019. Today, 42% of storage units leased are used for business purposes in some way.

You’ve probably been thinking about jumping on the bandwagon and leasing a storage unit, but you need to make sure it’s the right move. Storage units have their pros and cons, and you want the former to outweigh the latter.

Here, then, are the benefits of storage units and what makes them great for businesses.

Makeshift Offices

Rent in big cities in the UK is getting out of hand. In London, a startup can expect to pay thousands of pounds per month, which can equate to half or even a third of the company’s budget. By doing this, your increasing the opportunity of failing and you haven’t moved into the office yet. You need a place to set up shop, and storage spaces are used for this very reason. They are spacious, affordable, and companies such as Henfield Storage have an excellent London location. If you need an HQ without breaking the bank, a storage unit is the answer.


You’ve rented a storage unit for whatever reason and suddenly your circumstances have changed. You need to clear out and leave as soon as possible, and you can with the help of a rolling lease. By paying monthly, the company only has to give one month’s notice to terminate the contract and move on. As far as flexibility goes, an agreement with a self-storage company is as convenient as it gets in the industry because you’re not tied into a long-term deal. Because a unit is cheap and flexible, it’s a no-brainer whether you need a place to work or store the firm’s assets.


It’s easy to think that storage units are time-wasters because they aren’t onsite. To begin with, the average one is less than 45-minutes away for nine out of ten people. That means 90% of renters can get there in under one hour. More than 50% are under fifteen minutes away. As well as being close geographically, they save time by reducing the clutter in the office. When workplaces are untidy, the mess makes it tough to find things and people end up wasting time searching for a needle in a haystack. With a unit, you can clear away the unimportant stuff and leave the valuable things to hand.


Yes, self-storage companies invest in onsite security because they need to keep their customers’ belongings safe. However, there is another security issue to consider: diversification. Companies often rely on their IT infrastructure as it’s a space-saver and easily accessible. But, when the server goes offline due to a hacker or a natural disaster, it leaves the business in a tight spot. By backing up your files and documents and storing them offsite, you can start again from the last update without having to begin from the beginning.

What makes storage units great is their location, flexibility, affordability, and diversification.

Jonathan Rice

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