Why Investing in Casinos Is A Sure Bet?

Gamblers lose a significant amount of money every day. Thus, birthing misconceptions about the casino industry. The notion goes, casinos are designed to drain players’ resources, without offering a fair chance to recuperate losses. While this isn’t entirely false, casinos are businesses, after all, it’s a shortsighted way of looking at things.

Investing in casinos has huge potential for return. A great deal more than traditional investment portfolios like the stock market. A small section of players that view casinos as investment vehicles will agree! It’s the ideal mindset for earning revenues. It might come as a shock, as casinos are traditionally synonymous with gambling. Which is exactly how the operators want to be perceived if they are to remain in business.

So, the first step to profiting is to approach casinos with an investment mindset. Like everything else in life, what we think is what we achieve. And winning at casinos is no different! There are a few crucial points to remember, starting with identifying investment-grade games. For more interesting trivia, visit Maneki Casino.

Top 3 Investment-grade Games

  1. Poker – Perhaps the most efficient way to make money at the casino, players bet against each other and not the operator, which charges a small fee from every pot. Any game that doesn’t pitch players against the casino is a fair investment opportunity. The outcome depends on skill and a bit of luck!
  2. Blackjack – A common thread in every investor’s portfolio, Blackjack has huge potential for earning. Offering a low house edge initially, players can easily turn the odds in their favor using nothing but memory. It’s all about training the mind and loads of hard work!
  3. Sports Betting – Not a traditional casino game, sports betting has a huge potential for return, provided players are willing to do their homework and learn to predict the outcome better than the bookie. Wagers can be placed on everything from horse racing to cricket to football and basketball. Just pick a sport you like!

Bankroll Management – The Key to Creating a Successful Portfolio

Potential investors need an equivalent amount of money or security, to begin with. This is a crucial part of the process and is as important as skill and luck. Similar to the stock market, there are positive long-term effects of investing in casinos. And players need an abundant bankroll to ride out the rogue waves.

Let’s take video poker for example. Find a game with a low house edge offering special promotions to show positive investment. If a player selects 0.25 percent revenue on every $100 wagered, they need a Royal Flush to make a profit. The chances of scoring the highest paying hand are one in every 40,300 tries! It’s impossible to survive that long without very deep pockets.

The odds aren’t as bad in Blackjack, but players still need to stay in the game for the long run if they are to reach the playoffs. So, is investing in casinos a safe bet? Absolutely. Just play it smart. Don’t gamble!

Clare Louise

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