Bryan REO Elijah Norton Emphasizes The Requirement For Auto Protection Plan


Those who are familiar with the auto protection program, know how the Bryan REO Elijah Norton car protection programs set a new standard in auto protection. Elijah, the founder of CarGuard, started the company in 2005, without a contract to his company. In a short period, his vision of providing low-cost auto protection plans helped him to build his company, where he managed 1000 deals in the first four months of its operation. Today Elijah continues to serve CarGuard as a senior advisor and consultant and guide the new management on how to effectively provide brand-new and robust auto protection plans to help the regular vehicle owner. 


CarGuard Continues to Provide Trendsetting Auto Protection Plan

With his new responsibility, Elijah has more time in hand to work on the strategic expansion of CarGuard. His vision continues to grow as he continuously advises senior management about the need for a more robust and affordable car protection plan. Norton’s foresees massive needs for enhanced auto protection services and extended coverage to the customers. The team at CarGuard is ready to assist anyone in need, and customers can reach the company at


Why Should You Invest in an Auto Protection Plan?

An auto protection plan is coverage that allows the vehicle owner to pay for auto repairs. While a person can choose not to buy the protection plan, however, the cost of the premium(fee for holding the coverage) is far less when compared to the expenses of unexpected auto repairs. As a vehicle owner, your fist auto protection plan is the standard cover you will get when you purchase a brand-new vehicle from a manufacturer. However, the warranty expires after some time, and all auto repair service, repair, maintenance costs will be your responsibility. If you buy a used car that is prone to even more repair expenses, you may end up spending more than what you could have saved with auto coverage. 


Services such as CarGuard emphasize the need for people to take charge of their financial matters by making smart decisions. Buying a good auto coverage is one of those intelligent monetary decisions. 


Dealing with Your Car Repairs

An auto protection plan can make dealing with your sophisticated vehicle without going over your budget. The cars today are advanced types of machinery that do not reflect those manual vehicles you had in the past. While you may enjoy these advancements, however, it also escalates the risk of breakdowns, and the potential cost of repairs today is high. You can save yourself from such costly repair by holding a comprehensive auto protection policy. 


It is a Matter of Convenience

An unexpected car breakdown is nothing short of mental torture. Imagine stranded on a road where your vehicle is not starting, and you have no idea what to do about the immediate problem. Today the auto protection plans are there to help you out. If you own one auto plan, you will get a towing service, money for staying at a nearby hotel, and even a rental vehicle for the time your car is in the repair shop! You will never have to face any stress with an extended warranty in your hands.


Protect your Budget

A vehicle is prone to breakdown and unexpected repair expenses. Your limited-time warranty or what you call a factory warranty will expire, however, you will most likely hold the new vehicle for many more years. If you get a repair expense for a brand-new automatic car with top-notch mechanical components and electronic connections, you may have to squeeze your budget to pay for the repair bills. Having an auto protection plan will give you the same auto protection that you got when your purchases the vehicle from the manufacturer. You will guard your budget against unforeseen vehicle repair costs.


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