Five Parameters to Compare Bike Insurance Plans Online

In today’s day and age, there are a plethora of two-wheeler insurances to pick and choose from. With so many choices readily available at your fingertips, it becomes difficult to make an informed choice. Before purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy online, there are some crucial points you need to take into consideration.

Primarily, there has to be an apt balance between the premium you pay and the coverage benefits you receive. Over and above this, there are some other factors that should also be considered. Let us take a detailed look at them.

  1. Coverage provided

When people look at insurances, instead of considering the benefits they would receive at a time of crisis, they think about the hole the premium would burn in their pockets. Hence, always compare the premium section with the coverage section to understand the benefits and their cost. You need to thoroughly check the coverage benefits provided by comprehensive or two wheeler insurance third party policy while comparing two-wheeler insurance policies online.

  1. Checking out the add-ons offered


Add-on coverages are a major factor in your two-wheeler insurance policy as they are opted for to cater to your personal needs. You can always pick and choose the add-on benefits you need depending on your requirement. Take into consideration the type of add-on you want and then compare the premium prices of all insurers offering that particular benefit. You might just find excellent deals at a better price; all you need to do is dig deeper.

  1. Concessions and pricing

Different companies offer various grants at various times of the year depending on internal marketing and sales aspects. You need to look out for these offers at the time of purchasing the policy. This would help you reduce the premium on your two-wheeler insurance, thereby providing you with more comprehensive coverage at a lower price. You can evaluate your quotes with the two wheeler insurance premium calculator.


  1. Network of garages

Cashless insurance policies are hassle-free, especially during emergencies. While choosing your policy, you need to take a look at the entire list of cashless garages where your two-wheeler can be repaired. The bigger the garage network an insurance company has, the easier it is for you to get your vehicle repaired. Moreover, with cashless claims, there is no financial pressure that you would need to deal with nor would you struggle to claim the sum assured. The claim settlement is done directly by the insurance company, thus sparing you the run-around.

  1. Services provided

Technology has brought about a tremendous change in the insurance industry. For starters, procedures going online and cutting out the need for middle-men and agents is one of the biggest breakthroughs in purchasing insurance. Though a specific part of the populous still goes by the traditional method of buying insurance, digital insurers have made life easy for the younger, tech-savvy generation. Purchasing two-wheeler insurance online also makes it very easy for the buyer to read reviews, compare the services each company offers, understand claim settlement ratios, as well as know about the efficiency of after-sales service.

If you consider all the factors mentioned above before buying your two wheeler insurance policy, rest assured that you would find a policy that suits your needs best!

Clare Louise

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