Independent Secretary vs. Internal Assistant 

Very often after having worked as a secretary in a company, an independent secretarial brings his qualification and his dedication to multiply his interventions with several structures to respond to specific administrative issues. Experts discusses the advantages of an independent secretary over an internal assistant.

The secretarial market

The secretarial sector is boosted by numerous ancillary services. As a whole, the secretarial sector is benefiting from favourable developments. Let us quote for example:

  • The evolution of new technology: To facilitate remote exchanges in increasingly varied fields. For example: secretarial work, interpreting, accounting, management of administrative activities, micro-publishing, industrial design, and reprography.
  • The proliferation of business creations: Liberal and craft businesses are increasingly looking for economic niches. The fixed administrative costs and the need for flexibility in the organization of work are increasing.
  • Subcontracting is winning over SMEs and SMIs:Administrative tasks are more and more often subcontracted to improve staff productivity.

The conditions and outlook for each sector are favourable for growth. However, brakes on stronger expansion can arise at any time. The main constraints can be cultural as well as organizational. In the first case, a lack of knowledge of the potentials enabled by technology or the removal of the link of subordination are serious obstacles. In the second case, liability and confidentiality issues can also hinder the development of an activity.

The advantages for the company

For a manager, or employee with responsibilities within a structure, having recourse to an independent secretary is above all a choice of flexibility.

In an increasingly flexible labourmarket, with a growing number of profiles moving away from metro-work-sleep, the growing arrival of independent secretaries is therefore more consistent. Like many other jobs within the largeeconomy, modern technology and changing codes make these new solutions more attractive than ever before.

The services are the only charges

Social charges allocated to secretaries on vocational training or wage portage become irrelevant. The costs associated with recruiting do not need to be, just like the costs associated with an HR campaign to find a secretary on a permanent contract. Telephone communications, internet, holidays and RTT are costs for internal employees. With an independent secretary, only the services announced in an estimate are invoiced.

The budget is under control

The established estimate specifies the cost of the administrative or accounting service. Once the quote has been accepted and validated, the freelance secretary respects the agreed commitments and deadlines. The work delivered corresponds to the agreements concluded. Any increases are assessed with a new estimate for management controlled on both sides.

The confidentiality of data processing is guaranteed

A confidentiality clause can be requested by the client company. Annexed to the service provision contract, the clause guarantees the confidentiality of the information processed by the independent secretary.

Work execution is faster and more flexible

No more prioritizing files according to the time of each internal employee. Company secretary Singaporeadapts her work according to the needs of the client company. Strategic objectives can then be seen from a new angle for accelerated growth.

Expert skills on demand

A freelance administrative assistant offers all her directorial experience for both small and large structures. When internal staff are already overwhelmed and are entrusted with occasional extra work that does not justify hiring on an interim basis, the independent secretary is an invaluable resource.

By choosing to work with an independent secretary, the structure of the company is not altered, whether in its habits, or in its mode of operation. Requests are addressed directly between the parties concerned, and the work received within the deadlines agreed in advance by the means chosen. To work with an offshore company in Singapore, the secretary must have Singapore permanent resident.


Thomas Jung

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