What Is CRM Software And How It Can Help In Admission Process?

CRM software is a tool used for storing information, managing workflows, and generating reports. It is a reliable information and processing system that records the data inputted and do calculations with pre-fed formulas. A student portal is a form of CRM system that provides information and management support to the school authorities. The students apply in large numbers for schools and colleges. Thus, the CRM tools prove its utility in managing such a huge database of students, teachers, and vendors and so on.

What is CRM software helpful for while managing school admission processes?

CRM systems make it easy for managers to maintain records and work on them. The functions performed by the tool are:

  1. Formats and template storage

A variety of forms are required for carrying out the admission process smoothly. The formats can be made available online over the school website. The website is linked with the tool so that all data received is exported to the tool for further processing.

  1. Records maintenance

What used to take a storehouse full of archiving shelves can now be shrunk into a CRM system. The CRM systems come with a feature for maintaining records and these do have a tab for archiving data too. Till the time the records are required for legal or auditory purposes, these can be stored in these systems in a password-protected environment.

  1. Managing the interview process

The software can help segregate the candidates’ profiles and help pick the ones meeting criteria. The further process of sending interview call letters can be done without any errors with the help of this software. The personalization feature helps in generating letters in batches with correct name addressed in them. Thus, the process of admission is sped up to a great extent.

  1. Assigning of class or sections

The students need information regarding which section they need going to once they are selected. The post-admission processes like fee schedules, assessing of profiles who backed out or the pending fees can be found out easily with the CRM tool.

Thus, to carry out the admission process with no errors, it is advisable to have soft tools like CRM system in hand.

Thomas Jung

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