What Is The Process For Filing A Car Insurance Claim?

Just like it is vital to have a valid license to be able to drive your vehicle, it is also mandatory for you to have a valid third-party car insurance policy. While looking for an insurance company, always look for one that offers you sufficient coverage and provides you with legal assistance at the time of a claim. According to lawyer Kenneth King you should at least have a third party insurance, if not compensatory cover for your own damage Even if you’ve damaged your car, you can ask for compensation from the car insurance company with a comprehensive cover. A car insurance policy takes away your financial burden and provides you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Filing third-party car insurance claim

If you have caused damage to a third-party’s person or property, you receive coverage under the third-party insurance plan. Here are the steps to file the insurance claim and receive compensation for the damages caused.

  1. Visit your nearest police station and file an FIR (if requested)
  2. Call your insurance company and inform them of the accident
  3. Capture images and record videos of the accident and the damaged vehicles
  4. You will then need to note down details of the third-party such as their name, vehicle registration number, contact details, policy details, etc.
  5. Your case will then be registered at the tribunal court.

Filing own damage claim  

You can file an ‘own damage’ claim only if you have a comprehensive policy. Along with third party car insurance liability cover, this policy covers you for any damages caused to your car.

Given below are the steps to file a claim for own damage:

  1. Notify your insurance provider immediately
  2. If needed, file an FIR
  3. Before you shift your vehicle somewhere else and try moving it from the accident spot, make sure you consult the police officer-in-charge or your insurer
  4. The insurance company will send a surveyor to assess the extent of damage caused
  5. Your car will then be towed to a garage nearby
  6. If you opt for a network garage, you can opt for cashless claim service
  7. Your claim will be settled based on the coverage and repair cost
  8. When you file the claim, you will have to submit important documents like the policy copy, claim form, registration certificate, FIR copy, driving license, etc.

Most importantly, it is essential to let your insurance company know about the accident before filing a car insurance claim. If you delay this, it might lead to claim rejection. If a third-party is involved, then you must file an FIR compulsorily.

While comparing car insurance companies online, make sure to select one that has a hassle-free claim service. Only opt for companies with high claim settlement ratios.

Purchasing or renewing a car insurance policy as well as filing a claim can be done online without any hassles today. All you need to do is visit your insurer’s website and follow the steps.

Clare Louise

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