4 Ways to Improve Meeting Productivity

Have you ever groaned when thinking about attending a team meeting? If so, then your team meetings aren’t as productive and efficient as they should be. 

Yet, you might be wondering how you can increase meeting productivity and help to keep everyone engaged. 

Many companies will encourage team meetings as a way for their employees to get together and collaborate. Yet, they can seem like a waste of time, repetitive, and overall boring, if not done correctly. 

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on the four ways you can improve meeting productivity. 

  1. Set a Time Limit

One of the best tips when figuring out how to make meetings productive is to give yourself a time limit. Without a time limit for your meeting, chances are it could drag on for longer than anyone anticipated. 

When you have a time limit, you have a reason to keep pushing forward. Instead, you won’t dwell too long on the same topics, and you will move on to make it a productive meeting. 

A meeting room booking system can help to make sure that you’re in and out of your meeting at your designated time. It will also help to let other groups use the meeting space as well. 

  1. Prepare Beforehand

Let them know the point of the meeting before they show up so that they can bring up any crucial topics that they want to discuss.

By doing so, you’ll be able to enlighten them about the meeting agenda, which in turn will boost communication. However, if conducting meetings is a regular aspect of your organization, consider communication skills coaching so that you’re able to avoid workplace conflicts. Make sure to read here about these programs to make a wise decision about including these.

  1. Make Sure it is Necessary

If you’re looking for tips on how to lead a productive meeting, make sure you ask yourself beforehand if the meeting is necessary. Are you hosting a meeting that could be better said in an email

Make sure that each meeting you decide to host has a productive purpose. A meeting isn’t going to be productive if there isn’t a reason for it!

  1. Limit the Number of People

Productive meetings are generally the ones with fewer people. That is because more team members can collaborate and get their point across with one another. 

You’ll find that the most productive meetings will have fewer than eight people

If you’re in a room with a large number of people, you’ll find yourself talking at your audience instead of with them. When you have a meeting with fewer people, everyone can talk, share their concerns, and voice any opinions that they might have. Doing this is a more productive way to get things done during a meeting. 

Improve Meeting Productivity

Using these tips on meeting productivity, you’ll never hear another groan from you or another coworker when the words “team meeting” get brought up again. Instead, your meetings will be a time for you to collaborate, increase your creativity, and communicate with one another. 

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Jacob Littlejohn

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