5 Simple Ways to Improve Employee Wellness

If you are an employer, you will understand the benefit of having staff who feel valued, appreciated, and important. Studies show that employees who are less stressed and have better health report fewer sick days. The same goes for employees who have healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels or are not overweight.

While 61% of employees say that they have been burned out from their jobs in the past, a similar percentage of employees agree that their company’s wellness program has led them to make healthier lifestyle choices.

In this blog post, we will look at five simple yet effective ways to improve employee wellness in your company.

  1. Organize In-House Fitness Classes

The benefits of hitting the gym are well-known, both for mental and physical health. Finding the time before or after work to head to the gym can be tricky. That’s why many employers are now introducing fitness classes at work, either during lunch breaks or dedicated times during the week.

  1. Support Flexible Working

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that flexible working is a positive tool to empower employees. Less commuting time, more time with family and loved ones, and more freedom over their schedule are benefits that can improve their overall wellness. Likewise, employers will see the benefits of a refreshed and empowered workforce.

  1. Team Building Days

Not only are team building days a great way to improve employee morale, satisfaction, team spirit, and wellness. Giving your employees a break from the office every once in a while to do fun activities helps with everyone’s mental health.

Another great idea for team building days is to gift your employees something special to make them feel appreciated. A candle or candle making kit from Northumbrian Candleworks is a way to say thanks and make your employees feel valued.

  1. Promote Healthy Lunches

The statistics that we highlighted at the start of this post go to show the importance of eating well in order to achieve satisfaction and happiness at work. An easy way to support this is to stock your cafeteria with healthy options.

Instead of vending machines with snacks full of sugar, focus on promoting fruits and vegetables. Instead of carb-heavy lunches, provide meals that support your employees’ overall health and wellbeing.

  1. Be Open & Available

One great way to make your employees feel valued—and therefore support their overall feelings of wellness—is to make yourself available. Should they need to speak with you about an issue, make it easy for them to approach you. Having dedicated times where your employees can sit and discuss any issue with you that they need, which helps to make them feel heard and important.

Make Employee Wellness A Priority In 2021

Happy employees are key to running a successful business. Taking small yet meaningful steps to improve their overall wellness should be a priority in 2021.

A healthy, energized, and valued employee is priceless for your business. Understanding what simple yet practical steps businesses can take to improve overall employee wellness is key.

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Jonathan Rice

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