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As far as feasible, you will have taken care of your look and posture as a facilitator before the meeting begins. This is a meticulous presentation, whether in person or on film, demonstrates the professionalism of the process from the start. This, on the other hand, should not keep you from feeling comfortable. Just remember to maintain a smile on your face!

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Prepare to remain in a “professional place” for the length of the meeting by planning ahead of time. Because you are the host, everything that occurs in your immediate vicinity is visible and audible to the other participants. Others have the ability to switch off their microphone at any time, but not you! In a virtual meeting this is important.


Some systems, like as Zoom or Google Hangouts, enable you to create a virtual waiting area where those that arrive will be greeted and welcomed. So, if at all feasible, spend a few seconds to greet your colleagues in advance of their arrival.

To encourage trades within a certain amount of time, regulations must be established and clearly stated.

Here are a few illustrations that may be of assistance:

  • The meeting will last for x amount of time.
  • Each speaker will be given a total of x minutes to talk.

If you like to talk, please raise your hand. If you like, you may send me a private message in the chat room using your first name, depending on how the meeting is structured. I’ll take the floor one at a time, in the sequence of your arrival.

The most essential thing is to have a clear agenda for the meeting and keep track of the time! Preparing for this will need some breathing space before you can begin with the magic words “do you have any questions before we start?”

Dos and Don’ts while participating in a remote meeting

Speak more slowly than you normally would. Make an effort to communicate clearly so that everyone can understand you. This prevents people from being irritated when they have to focus in order to understand you in particular. Thus, the interchange is made more fluid and harmonious as a result of this.

One of the ways for maintaining your audience’s attention is to change the tone and volume of your voice while you speak. If you maintain a monotone tone throughout the discussion or presentation, you might expect to observe yawns and individuals leaving the conversation or presentation and, like with any presentation, be sure to keep your audience engaged! As a result, you will naturally strengthen everyone’s ability to listen and be present.

If you are working in a time-constrained environment, then direct your conversation with closed (yes/no) questions in order to avoid taking too long. Use semi-closed questions (whose topic is well-framed and allows for a little more discussion than the yes/no questions) to enable the audience to talk a little bit more as well.

Make sure that everyone can hear and see you from the very beginning of your speech, starting with the first few minutes.

Last Words

Finally, like with any intervention, it’s important to allow little gaps between your phrases. On the one hand, there is sometimes a little latency between the video and audio feeds. Furthermore, it normally assists your audience to integrate and cognitively comprehend the information you provide to them.


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