Easy tips for hiring a Colorado Springs personal injury lawyer

You suffered injuries because of someone’s negligence. If the person owed a duty of care, you may have the scope to file a personal injury lawsuit and seek compensation for your damages. Colorado is a fault state, so while you have your rights, proving your case may not be easy. That’s precisely where a Colorado Springs personal injury lawyer can help. As in any profession, not all lawyers are the same, and as a client, you have to be picky. Here are some quick and easy tips for finding the right injury attorney. 

  1. Get references. If you can ask around and get details of attorneys that your friends and family members may have worked with, that’s a big advantage. Alternatively, you can consider checking online. Websites like Avvo can be really handy for sorting attorneys in Colorado. 
  2. Get a free consultation. When it comes to hiring a personal injury lawyer columbia sc, there is no harm in shopping around. Most attorneys offer free initial consultation, where you can expect to get a fair assessment of your case. Make the most of this window to know your lawyer better. 
  3. Don’t pay anything upfront. Usually, attorneys take personal injury lawsuits on a contingency fee. This means that you don’t have to pay the lawyer right away. There could be other expenses related to the case, which your attorney can explain in depth and may even pay for now. 
  4. Look for specific expertise. The scope of personal injury law is huge – right from medical malpractice to car accidents and nursing home abuse. Make sure that you hire a lawyer who has worked on similar or comparable cases. You can ask for client references, or check some of their landmark settlements. 
  5. Insist on access and regular communication. A good lawyer must be a good communicator too. Ask the attorney how you can stay in touch for updates, and if they are not the one handling the case directly, ask for further details. 

Don’t delay in calling a lawyer

The statute of limitations in Colorado allows a specific period of time – three years – to file a personal injury lawsuit, after an accident. Your time to take action against the party at fault is limited. While you shouldn’t hire the first lawyer you find, consider your options without delay. You need a lawyer, so that they can work on the legal options and insurance claims process right away. 

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