Eco-friendly Packaging Options For Ecommerce Retailers

Ecommerce is a growing industry and is solidly established in several countries in the world. People are finding it easy to simply go online and shop for things they want instead of walking into a store in person. What this simply means is that there are more shipping to be done, and products ordered are usually handled by different people before it gets to the hands of the customer. This is why a solution like eco-friendly packaging is required.

Below are some eco-friendly packaging options for e-commerce retailers.

Fiber Solutions

A sustainable, eco-friendly packaging to consider is the fiber solution; it is made from molded pulp and can be easily recycled again when its life cycle ends. Molded pulp is an eco-friendly packaging solution that has many benefits to the environment as it poses no threat to wildlife in the ocean and is made in closed-loop water recycling facilities to effectively eliminate water waste and it breaks down in the soil in less than a year instead of clogging up landfills.

Recycled Paper

Paper is already a popular packaging material, but virgin papers waste a lot of material and can lead to higher packaging costs for eCommerce retailers. However, recycled paper is an eco-friendly packaging solution to be considered. Recycled paper is best because it uses 70% less energy in manufacturing and causes 73% less air population than a paper that hasn’t been recycled.

Natural Fabrics

Another eco-friendly packaging option that eCommerce retailers can explore is natural fabrics. If the item in question is not fragile, then much protection beyond the original packaging is not required. You can explore packaging products in cotton or burlap fabrics; this will keep the product protected from scratches and bumps along the way and are far more cost-effective than paper boxes. They are considered eco-friendly because they produce fewer toxins during the manufacturing process than boxes.

Biodegradable Plastic

Although plastics are not a great packaging option to be considered because it is estimated that by 2025, there will be over a ton of plastic in the ocean which is dangerous for the ocean’s wildlife, biodegradable plastics are a great eco-friendly packing option. This is because they are made from plant by-products instead of petroleum and will breakdown in the sun. They are not as cost-effective as other eco-friendly packaging options but will notably cut down on waste created with your packaging.

Final Thoughts

Many eco-friendly packaging solutions like paper, natural fabrics, and fiber solutions can be reused in a creative manner instead of getting being thrown away. they are cost-effective and also a great way to rebrand your eCommerce business. This will significantly reduce waste and rebrand your company. By exploring eco-friendly packaging options like recycled paper and fiber solutions, you’re effectively getting rid of existing waste from the system, and also preventing harmful packaging options from being produced.

Juanita Sapp

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