Threats of using custom writing websites constantly

If you are a student or a worker in the marketing department of a big company, you probably face writing assignments quite often. Copywriting websites become more and more popular and many people decide that the best option to fulfil the essay task is just use them, to ask directly: “write my essay for me, please”. For most cases, it saves a lot of time and efforts, helping to meet the deadlines. However, it is essential to find out if you should always use the services of this type.

The main problem with writing services

It is difficult to argue with the fact that some of the custom writing websites provide good services and can offer you a unique text for a relatively affordable sum of money. This article can be a great example It is essential to keep in mind that every problem has at least opposite two sides.

Downside of using essay-writing websites:

  • Every person needs to develop at least basic writing skills, which are important for communication. It is easy to forget how to create texts or essays without doing it sometimes.
  • Not every website can offer high-quality services for the price. Some newcomers find it confusing to choose an appropriate platform to purchase essays from. It is easy to stumble upon an unqualified author or even a fraud.
  • Some content has to be written with a personal approach to the topic, which cannot be achieved with the help of the author from a website.


Custom writing websites are a great tool for every modern person. However, it is essential to understand that abusing it can have some negative consequences like losing the basic writing skills. These services can be beneficial for everyone who uses them wisely and with consideration.

Jonathan Rice

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