How To Deal With Space Taking Files in Mac? 


When your Mac’s hard drive is almost full, it becomes crucial for users to find causes behind full data storage. Otherwise, users will need to struggle with Mac startup issues, lost files, or apps management likewise problems while working. Using a finder tool on Mac is considered the best option rather than buying third-party apps for hard drive management. As you can view all your folders and can know about what is consuming the highest level of space. Based on the files, you can decide to add or remove files from your Mac. 

Here we have more details about data-consuming applications and effective ways to deal with them:

Ways To Deal With Space Consuming Files/Data

Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is a perfect way to optimize Mac and secure the system from virus-infected content. The software detects malware, maintains privacy, and removes unwanted files from your Mac. software helps in detecting disk usage to get detailed about videos, photos, music, documents, or other files storage. It keeps your system secured and updated. There is also an uninstaller feature that allows the system to uninstall unwanted files and keep space free.


DaisyDisk is a commonly used tool to check the storage space of Macs. it represents all data files in the pie chart format the guides, how much space is used, and how much is pending. Different colors are being used to define different areas. The best part is that you can get an overview of the files and then drill down to find in-depth details. There is another option available. You can collect files on the left corner and once create a bunch of all unwanted files, a click on the delete option lets it permanently vanish from your system. 

About This Mac

There is an inbuilt feature in Mac OS to get a quick overview of space taking up files. Here we have details for these:

  1. Click on Apple Logo on the upper left corner of the menu bar
  2. Click on “About this Mac”.
  3. Click on the “Storage” tab.

Here, you will see the internal and external connected hard drive of your Mac. It contains total space and drives storage-related information in the form of color combinations. Each color defines different information for Photos, Music, Applications, and Documents storage. Click on the manage button on the right-hand side, Apple will recommend you ways to free up space.

Best Way to Save More Space

Here we have some best ways recommended by experts. You can also read the post to find detailed information about space-saving techniques. 

  •  Use iCloud Photo Library
  • Timely, Clear out junk and other files you do not need
  • Remove Mail attachments
  • Move your Music library to an external drive
  • Uninstall applications by dragging the app icon to the Trash and emptying it
  • For some folders or files you don’t want to delete or move, it’s great to compress them, it will save some space.

Modern Macs come with non-replaceable storage. Many times users were not aware until the last minute that whether Mac has enough space or not. Therefore, it is important to check what is taking up space before going to install an app or something else.

Jacob Littlejohn

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