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Not sure how you can use social networks at work? Did you know that social media has infinite potential in the workplace? Social networks have become, today, a very useful tool for many businesses. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, citing some of the most used social media in the world, have proven their effectiveness in boosting companies, publicizing commercial activities and projecting the public image of professionals in a wide variety of business sectors. So how do you make good use of social media at work? Pay special attention. Learn more from dio journal about the same now.

Importance of social networks to find work

How do social media affect work?

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of social media when looking for a job, but for professionals whose main activity is not to promote the social networks of the company they work for, the misuse of social networks at work can have an impact on a significant loss of productivity. The time that workers spend updating their social networks or visiting the Internet to gather information, even if it is related to the objective of the company and the nature of the job carried out, can be a very unprofitable time and not have repercussions, finally, in the commercial purposes pursued.

In this regard, there are various studies that affect the time lapses that workers spend browsing the Internet. According to a survey carried out by the Learn stuff website, 1 in 10 workers spends more time consulting social networks and browsing the Internet than doing the specific tasks for which they were hired. This study also ensures that the use of Twitter or Facebook, among other networks, occurs every 10 minutes but not for professional purposes: workers send messages to their friends or update their personal profiles at these intervals.

But there are also studies that highlight the benefits of social networks at work, and they are increasing in number. For example, according to an analysis carried out by the Vital Smarts website, 77% of professionals use social media to maintain contact with co-workers or other industry colleagues, which can be very positive for updating knowledge and Networking. And 61% of workers affirm that, thanks to social networks, the relationship in their work environment has clearly improved.

How social networks influence job search

In any case, the main conclusion that we must draw from the available evidence is that social networks are a communication tool and a potential help in the workplace that we must not do without, although their use must be regulated. If the use of social networks is responsible, workers can become valuable allies to increase the online reputation of the company.

These are the main measures that can be implemented by managers and communication departments to promote responsible use of the main online social platforms:

Information on corporate profiles

The company cannot force employees not directly related to the application of communication strategies or the functions developed by the Community Manager to use their personal accounts for the benefit of the company. But you can inform about the company’s accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and invite your workers to follow them and join the conversations that are generated in them. Know more now from Bahar Ibrahim researcher.

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