Link Building Solutions and the SEO Results It Offers

Creating links isn’t a magic formula. You won’t become rich overnight, and your traffic woes will not be solved by this.

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There are several stories regarding the importance of links, such as the one about Google using links as a ranking factor or the one about links being a fundamental part of the internet. As an SEO, you know the importance of links, and many internet marketers have provided stunning examples of links that resulted in massive gains in traffic to their particular websites. You can read more here for the same same.

If we take all of this into account, shouldn’t link building lead to an improved site’s overall performance? Surely, a website’s success is dependent on its ability to attract visitors through links.

Even if you don’t accept it, this is all true. Visitors to your website will be attracted by high-quality links that will help you build your brand’s recognition as well as establish yourself as a leader in your industry. You may be able to earn a greater share of the Internet pie if you use links.

If link building isn’t the answer to all of your problems, then what is?

As a result, in order to build strong relationships, you first need to gain their trust. If you don’t deserve a link, Google will penalize you for it and deem your activities to be manipulative.

To put it another way, a lot of website owners go right into link building without first thinking about why another website is linking to their site. Link builders aren’t magicians; rather, we’re just intelligent marketers with exceptional persuasion and social skills.

Creating links isn’t a magic formula

Nobody can connect unless they have something to promote and nothing else that a site owner would deem worthwhile to post on their site. We would have to resort to manipulation in order to connect. Moreover, this is a bad strategy for SEO and internet marketing.

It would be unjust to even consider the “Can Google Catch It” game, in which we question the legitimacy of certain link types or Google’s position on specific links. It doesn’t matter how much Google improves, people will always feel that the search engine has a secret backdoor or an algorithmic weakness that they can exploit and then loot.

Rather, let’s reframe the question thusly: If Google knew about your page, would it include it in its search results? Whether or not this is a good idea depends on whether or not you’re able to convince a Google employee to agree with your choice of keywords. Or would you be concerned about revealing your websites to Google employees?

Do you believe that you are deserving of a better position in search engine results?

You shouldn’t try to fool the search engines into thinking your pages are more valuable than they actually are by manipulating their rankings via link building.


Google employs a sizable number of doctors. A fair opportunity exists for them to get it. There is a lot of money: Google made $ 66 billion in 2014, with $59.5 billion of it from advertising, making them one of the world’s largest corporations (search). Almost 90% of the income generated by my writing friends comes from this source.A long-term strategy of reducing the time it takes you to find what you’re looking for will not work out well for Google, according to my opinion.


Thomas Jung

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