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Kids love a bit of fun and excitement in their lives. Gone are the days where kids used to be covered in mud playing to their hearts content outdoors. With the development of technology, the world seems to have come much closer together but restricted us from our usual routines. But what if we can make the most out of this digitised world? Video games have often got a squinted eye by the older generations. 

But little does the world know that video games also offer many benefits such as coordination, concentration, decision making skills, and many others. Many kids who play video games have shown improved performance in academics at school than kids who do not. With this development, many games have been developed to improve skills of the players. 

If you’re someone looking for a way to keep your kids occupied with age-appropriate content and also helps improve their skills in numerous methods, My City: Bank, developed by My Town Games Ltd is the best choice for you! The game has been designed for kids within the ages 4 to 12 so you can even leave them alone in the room with the game, knowing they’re safe with appropriate content.

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Features of My City Bank Game

Your kids will undoubtedly have the best time getting to know what’s going on at the Bank. Never a dull moment with My City, as the app comprises of many stories where you get to play any character of your choice. Discoverer everything that happens at your very own bank in different offices, and even rich bankers’ houses. 

The game also allows you to create your very own stories while exploring the adventures in the bank. Discover all of the hidden treasures and safes of the bank and have the best time of your life. 

You also get to enhance your skills by operating the photocopy machine, press the burglar alarm when the bank is robbed because protecting the bank is your responsibility at all times, help customers with their needs, and many more fun and exciting moments. 

The features on the app will speak for itself. The locations available on the game comprises of bank tellers, bankers’ houses, secret safes, bank managers office, and many more. You can also select new characters, change their wardrobe, and play many other city games. 

And what more, you can be your very own god by controlling the weather at any time of the day. Choose your own preferences because it’s your city! Delve into the world of banking and explore all of what the city has to offer. 

Your kids will indeed have the best time of their life with all of the exciting challenges and discoveries on the app. Say goodbye to all of your worries and those inappropriate games on the internet all thanks to My City Bank Game. Enjoy the best on one single platform for free! 

Download My City Bank Android Game

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