The 5 Best Rated Tips for Creating Value in Fashion Market

There are many who consider that the only thing necessary to develop in the fashion industry is creativity; However, to grow in entrepreneurship in the fashion sector, you will need more than just creative talent, but also skills in commercial, business and, of course, innovation strategies to make a difference in this wide world.

Important growth for your business

The figures for the period of 2017 were promising because at least 1.1 million people started their companies in Bogotá, something that begins in education … Did you know that Colombia is ranked 35 in the international education system What motivates business creation? As well as it is in position 4 of the region.

A task that should take time

As we previously told you, it is not a simple task, for this type of venture you must have knowledge in the sector that goes beyond the skills of designing clothing collections, because as in another sector, you will need to know the areas Keys to lead you to success ranging from skills in marketing, public relations and finance.

The advantage of Bogotá is that it has an incredible offer of 15.8% of the GDP contributed to the sector; In addition, in the Colombian capital, talent is superfluous, don’t you think?

5 keys to grow your business with the best tips

Definitely, when it comes to entrepreneurship in the fashion sector you should feel passion in everything related to this versatile sector; For this reason, if you want your textile industrial venture to be successful, follow these tips best rated:

  1. Seek to be different :

You probably already know this, but the fashion industry is very large; For this reason, you must develop in a niche in which you can make a difference. For example: If you have created a shoe empire, find a way to make it different and unique. Your creativity, together with innovation, will have a better value proposition.

  1. Discover what your market is like

Passion in this fashion sector can be temporary, so you should keep in mind that this business industry is usually changing because fashion companies face new challenges every day. Knowing your market and your consumer very well will give you the advantage of always being ahead of changes. Verify that your collection is always adapted to the season.

  1. Work hard

LinaCantillo is a Barranquilla woman who has a 15-year career in men’s fashion and her advice is extremely valuable to the industry: “My advice to emerging and expanding designers is to work hard . It is the only way, to be there and be a micro-entrepreneur and micro-manager and to constantly review everything and follow up on your entire company step by step. You have to be a micro manager in everything. Be on top and work ”.

  1. Identify the different distribution channels

Do you think you can go beyond just having a store with your designs? Opt for the other options such as e-commerce or social networks that can increasingly expand the amount of sales. Keep in mind that you must have a friendly, attractive and user-friendly website in order for you to have good profits.

  1. Design products that are of quality

So that your enterprise lasts over time, you must choose the materials correctly. In order for them to be of good quality, it will be ideal to evaluate the different suppliers and choose the one that best suits your business.

Jonathan Rice

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