US Property Data for Better Business Decisions

US Property Data provides a comprehensive array of over 350 property attributes and information to support informed risk assessment and investment decisions.

Enhance Risk Assessment

Utilizing our rooftop geocoding alongside thorough property data enhances precision in risk assessment, providing more accurate insights.

Improve Investment Decisions

Accessing over 350 property data characteristics ensures precise evaluation for investment decisions, irrespective of property type—be it residential or commercial.

Unify All Property Data

Streamline address aliases, public records management, and identification of duplicative information by integrating property data.

Property Data Provide

60+ Property Location Attributes

Accurate geographic property characteristics are essential for developing comprehensive property profiles for both investment and risk management purposes. These location attributes encompass structure elevation, county, city, mailing address, and topography, empowering strategic decision-making in business endeavors.

150+ Property Structure Attributes

Leverage this dataset to eliminate guesswork in evaluating a building’s structural elements and create precise property descriptions. Structural data points encompass square footage, roof material and type, and construction type, ensuring informed decision-making.

130+ Financial Data Points

Streamline your business’s acquisition of financial data pertaining to properties with this dataset. Financial data points provide a nuanced understanding of a property’s financial status, including total market value, assessed value, tax information, prior sale amount, and other pertinent financial details, enhancing the efficacy of your business decisions.

What Businesses Benefit from US Property Data?

Property and Casualty Insurance Companies

Accurate property data enrichment plays a vital role in the underwriting process and ensures compliance with Department of Insurance regulations. Insurance companies rely on a wealth of property data characteristics including land ownership details, square footage, parcel boundaries, and precise property identification to confidently develop new programs and issue policies.

Real Estate

Professionals across the real estate industry, including agents, brokers, lenders, and appraisers, benefit from a comprehensive understanding of property characteristics. This knowledge facilitates informed investment decisions and enhances client satisfaction. US Property Data from provides crucial information such as appraised value, parcel boundaries, total market value, and tax details, empowering real estate professionals in their endeavors.

Banks and Lending

Property data enhances banking and lending operations by enabling precise risk assessment, underwriting, fraud prevention, and efficient portfolio management. It offers real-time market insights, supports regulatory compliance, expedites customer applications, and informs investment strategies. This equips businesses with the necessary tools for informed decisions, effective marketing, and exceptional customer service.

Retail Companies

Identifying optimal locations is a significant challenge for expanding retail companies. Property data plays a crucial role in this process by providing insights into potential sites. Retail companies utilize property record data, including tax information, market value, parcel boundaries, and assessed value, to select the best locations for their operations.


US Property Data stands as a powerful resource for driving better business decisions across diverse industries. With its extensive array of property attributes and address enrichment services, businesses can gain invaluable insights into property characteristics, market trends, and risk factors. Whether it’s property and casualty insurance companies seeking accurate underwriting data, real estate professionals aiming for informed investment decisions, banks and lending institutions optimizing risk assessment and portfolio management, or retail companies identifying prime locations for expansion, US Property Data offers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each sector. By harnessing the wealth of information provided by US Property Data, businesses can make more informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately achieve greater success in their endeavors.

Mary Perreault

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