Which diamonds is the best choice for engagement rings? Lab grown or Mined diamonds?

Engagement is an occasion that is not only special but also close to your heart. It is a day when a couple decides to stay together for the rest of their lives. It is the time between the marriage proposal and the marriage itself. After all, you’ll be announcing to the rest of the world that you both have decided to marry one another. Hence, the occasion is special, and therefore, it calls for special preparations. One such preparation includes a luxurious engagement ring that you’ll put on her fingers in front of your near and dear ones. Diamond is mainly the top first preference when it comes to engagement rings. However, which one to choose- Man-made or mined diamonds remains the biggest dilemma. This is one of the reasons why man made diamonds vs real diamonds remains a never-ending debate.

If you have budget-constraints and wish to buy sustainable jewelry, lab-grown diamonds are anytime the best pick. If your would-be-bride is an environmentally conscious person, manmade diamonds are the go-to options. Below mentioned are some of the top reasons that make lab-grown diamonds the best choice.

  • Budget-friendly– The popularity of manmade diamonds has gone up considerably because of their incredible quality at a lower price. Lab-made diamonds is 30-40% lower in cost than their natural counterparts. You’ll be amazed to know that lab-made diamonds are being graded in the same way in which the natural diamonds are graded. The 4Cs have been used universally to grade them. However, the price for man-made diamonds is still less than the natural ones.
  • Eco friendly– Lab-made diamonds are highly sustainable and eco-friendly choices. They have a clean history and unlike mined diamonds, there’s no involvement of child labor, human rights violation, or brutal mining tactics. They are being grown inside a closed chamber and under controlled pressure and temperature conditions. Moreover, the carbon emissions produced from lab-made diamonds are less than that of natural diamonds. Also with mined diamonds, there’s heavy usage of water and energy which is not the case with man-made diamonds. The energy utilized in lab-grown diamonds can be treated and recycled. As far as water usage is concerned, mined diamonds need 126 gallons of water for one carat. Whereas, lab-made diamonds require only 18 gallons of water per carat.

Mainly, lab-grown diamonds have become a top choice because of the price tag as well as the sustainability factor. You not only impress your bride but also show your respect for Mother Earth by choosing a sustainable option. However, before buying, you need to learn synthetic diamonds and their 4Cs. The cut, clarity, color, and carat weight will be important for making your decision. Remember that the diamonds should be lab-certified. Experts recommend getting help from jewelry professionals because they are the best person to help you out in this. Also, it is suggested that whenever you buy high-end jewelry, the ideal option is to visit the store.

Clare Louise

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