Why do you need custom T-shirts to promote your business?

Whether you run a small, medium, or large-scale business, there’s no doubt that effective marketing plays a significant role in the success of your business. As Steuart Henderson Britt rightly said, “doing business without advertising is like winking in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” 

With various marketing channels out there, you may begin to wonder if custom T-shirts are an effective way to promote your business. To answer that, we only need to check the statistics. According to several surveys, about 95% of the American population wears them. 

Another survey shows that the majority of Americans develop a stronger emotional connection with a custom of clothing that they or someone close to them wore. Also, for five consecutive years, shirt printing provided the top product category in the US for promotional products. Undoubtedly, this points to one fact– that custom designs are effective and can promote your business beyond imagination. 

Besides the statistics, there are a wide array of reasons why you should consider getting a customized shirt for your business; here are some of them;

  1. Greater brand awareness

Custom T-shirts give your brand greater awareness than any other item. Why not? They act as walking billboards that typically go anywhere your customers and employees go. Especially when you have an attractive design with a catchy tagline or quote, the design can immediately give those around you an impression about your business. 

These designs can as well invoke the emotion of others and cause them to inquire about your business. Some people even go as far as buying your branded cloth before even buying your products – automatically becoming a brand ambassador and giving your business more awareness.

  1. Its cost-effectiveness

One of the cheapest yet effective ways to promote your business is via custom T-shirts. There are lots of materials and sizes from which you can choose. Depending on your budget and business standard, you will always find something that fits your needs. If you’re within a tight budget and hiring a professional ads writer seems far-fetched, you can customize your logo and tagline on the material. These two will work perfectly and can also have a significant impact on your potential customers.

  1. Its ability to boost employee performance

When employees are happy and motivated, they’re 12% more likely to be productive. Because your employees are the ones directly dealing with your current and potential clients, they have a greater chance to influence your customers when they’re happier and motivated. 

And undoubtedly, custom T-shirts are a great way to delight your employees and boost their performance. But how does this work? 

Firstly, the uniform gives your employees an impression that you care about them. Not just that, it also shows that you believe in them to act as your company’s representatives. Employees then feel more confident about their abilities in and out of the work environment.

Secondly, what better way is there to unify your staff and make them feel like one big family? Custom material gives every member of your staff a sense of importance, and it cultivates team spirit. It produces a sense of belonging, and that means so much to everyone – especially your low-level staff. Each member of your staff/team, irrespective of their roles, feels equally essential, and that helps to boost their performance.

Employees are often proud of their companies whenever they represent them. Give them custom shirts, and you’d see them proudly flaunt their apparel in style- to and from the workplace. This then serves as a critical marketing tool that keeps your business in the eyes of the public.

  1. For Security Purposes

As your business grows, you may need to bring more employees on board to meet customers’ demands. However, with more employees comes a greater chance of intrusion since all your staff members may not identify who the other person is. What to do? Give them customized apparel. It makes it easier for them to recognize each other and secures your company from strangers and intruders.

Another situation where custom T-shirts can secure your business is during a big event. This could be a conference, gathering, campaign, etc. With customized clothing, you can quickly identify your employees wherever they are. If an unauthorized individual attempts to access the event or restricted locations, they can be immediately identified and expelled. 

  1. They are great conversation starters

People are naturally curious. Frequently, it takes only a beautiful and catchy design to start a conversation about your business. Especially if you’re wearing a design with an engaging and thought-provoking inscription from a company they don’t know, they will most likely ask questions. It could be about the company, the ads, or any other thing. And a curious potential customer is what you need to increase your customer base. 

  1. It shows professionalism

Imagine two companies carrying out a social activity. One company appears in custom T-shirts and looks unified, while the other appears in various kinds and colors of apparel. Which of them will look more professional and has a greater chance to impress potential customers? The one in customized wear, of course!

Custom material alone can give a potential client an idea about the level of organization of your company and why they should or should not patronize your business. 


Customers are an essential part of any business. Without them, you’re already out of business. You need to care for your customers and show that you appreciate their patronage. In return, they’d stay loyal to your brand and even serve as willing ambassadors for your brand. One of the significant ways to appreciate your customers is by rewarding them with custom apparel. 

This gift inspires a more profound sense of connection with your company, and they feel like a part of the big family.

Finally, T-shirts are great because they last longer and have more excellent impressions than other promotional items. Based on ASI’s study, 63% of consumers maintain their promotional design for more than one year, while 47% keep them for over two years. Thus, your business is out there being promoted willingly by the wearer for more than a year! 

Jacob Littlejohn

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