5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Important For Your Firm

Do you know that close to 63% of businesses in North London are focusing on creating interesting and engaging videos for their customers? Out of these more than 82% of businesses feel that video marketing is way more important than any other form of marketing strategy. More than 83% of businesses worldwide strongly believe that video marketing gives them a fantastic return on their investment. Why so? It is because of the following reasons:

  1. A Great Way To Describe Your Offerings

Let’s face it, videos are a great way to explain what your product or service does for your customers. More than 94% of marketers that are currently using video content as an active part of their marketing strategy understand its importance and prefer to use it in the future extensively. Their consumers have grown accustomed to video marketing and video messages. Video has become a staple in their marketing function and could probably replace their other marketing gimmicks pretty soon.

  1. Effective In B2B Marketing

If you thought that creating interesting and engaging videos can only help you attract your customers or final consumers, you were wrong. Videos and similar presentations are popular among your business clients as well. When it comes to explaining your work culture or your business processes to a probable business partner or associate company, a video is going to work wonders in your favor.

It is at least 60 times more engaging than the written word. So, it is entirely up to you whether you wish to write a long letter of invitation to your probable partners or create a fun and engaging video to grab their eyeballs.

  1. Videos Attract More Attention

More than 55% of your users/consumers prefer to watch marketing videos and tutorials that are informative and entertaining. This is a common practice among a large portion of your prospects in North London before they make any purchase decisions with your brand.

If you do not have the right visuals and an engaging British male voice actor to guide your users through the video, you are going to lose your customers within the first 3 seconds. Your users are looking for your products and services being put to use in these videos. They want to see them in action because they are not satisfied with traditional product descriptions. This is also a reason why YouTube was able to beat Google in 2020 as the most used search engine of the year.

  1. The Rise Of Video

Video has become a great tool for marketing because it is very much in demand these days. It is a great way to greet and connect with your audience in a more conversational manner. It is a very effective way to build relationships with them and invoke trust for your brand in their subconscious mind. You can be as easy and breezy in your video as you want without being pushy or too in-your-face. This helps you convey your message in a very subtle yet effective way.

  1. Finally, Even Google Prefers Video Content

Yes, this is the icing on top. Google owns YouTube and this is all the more reason for it to prefer video content now even more than it used to. Google suggests that whenever you upload any videos, use interesting titles and engaging descriptions. Link them back to your websites or products for maximum traction in all parts of London and the UK. Now, you know how important video marketing is for your company.

Juanita Sapp

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