6 Common Data Loss Causes You Should Strive to Prevent in Business

Data loss is a cause for concern for businesses of all sizes. Losing crucial files means spending time and money getting back the information to continue operating optimally. There are several ways in which data loss occurs in businesses. Let us acquaint ourselves with some data loss causes that you may want to avoid:

Human error

Humans are fallible beings. It is normal to make mistakes, and sometimes they can be costly. Human error is one of the causes of data loss. Employees may accidentally overwrite crucial files or delete data files and sections of text. Human error can also play a part in the case of hard drive failures, liquid spills, hard drive formatting, and software corruption. You can avoid mistakes stemming from human error if the people handling important data have proper training. Your employees should appreciate how data processing works and how backups operate. Automating processes is another way to minimize human errors. With automation, there is no unnecessary human interaction with data.


Malicious software in computer systems is a culprit for data loss. Viruses can bring business operations to a halt and hinder functionality. Viruses and malware may come from email-based attacks and phishing attempts. And once they enter the computer system, they tend to damage and steal files. To protect your data from malware, ensure that you have appropriate anti-virus software. Update the software as frequently as necessary and have regular system backups to help you get on your feet in case of an attack.

Data migration

Sometimes data loss happens in the process of migrating data. Some data may fail to migrate over to the target system leading to data loss. With the growing amount of data in data storage structures, the migration process is getting more complex. It is best to hire an efficient migration service for things like Office 365 migration to eliminate the risk of data loss. It will also reduce the downtimes you experience as a business.

Software corruption

If you use corrupted software, there is the risk of them refusing to run and you losing data on them. Improper software shutdowns can also cause a data loss concern. You may delete your progress and even lose valuable data. Be sure to follow the correct procedures to shut down software after each use. Implement diagnostic programs to ensure that you do not interfere with software processes.

Hard drive formatting

You may lose data from accidental formatting. Someone may format a hard drive accidentally, especially if they do not understand system prompts and error messages. The same could occur during system updates. Luckily, all hope is not lost when you accidentally reformat a hard drive. You can recover the lost files and documents using data recovery software.

Computer theft

In today’s workplace, people are increasingly mobile. The pandemic also contributed significantly to remote working setups. That means that people are constantly moving around with laptops that contain crucial company and personal data. Data loss is inevitable in the case of laptop theft. Ensure that all sensitive data on computers have backups in a safe location. To be extra safe, have more than one backup in different places. Lock up the computers in your offices to keep thieves away and protect your data.

Wrapping up

Data loss is more than just a mere inconvenience. It can cause considerable losses if it leads to disruption of daily functions. Knowing how data loss happens is the first step towards preventing it.


Juanita Sapp

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