Benefits of marketing automation for your business

You may have heard of marketing automation, but have you ever stopped to think about the benefits it can offer to your strategy? Automating processes brings a series of benefits and is already a reality in the current job market. This reality also applies to digital marketing. There are several automation possibilities involving social networks, websites, email marketing and other channels. Do you want to understand how your marketing actions can be qualified with marketing automation? Read Bonanza Magazine and discover the latest news on business and world politics and much more.

Qualified contact capture process

With marketing automation, you create your base of contacts with people who are really interested in your brand’s products. If you have a website, it is important to have ways to make it possible for visitors to provide the necessary data to keep in touch with them on other channels. The registration forms are the most effective way to do this. With a marketing automation platform, you can create a pop-up that is triggered from the moment the user navigates the page.

Integrated communication channels

It is not necessary to talk about the importance of being on the channels used by those who can become customers. If you have not yet identified your buyer personas, know that this is the first step in a successful marketing strategy. With marketing automation you unify the data obtained in actions on social networks, on your website, e-commerce and others.

Personalized communication

From the moment you check the engagement of contacts and create automatic actions based on the type of audience interaction, the chances of producing content that generates engagement increase. This is one of the benefits that marketing automation can provide. Analyzing audience engagement in email marketing and their interaction on your site are examples of what to do to measure how close they are to becoming customers. Marketing automation platforms allow the creation of a score for each of the leads. This score helps you to divide your audience according to their engagement.

Marketing and sales teams working together

Keeping the marketing and sales teams close is extremely important to ensure good results. In fact, marketing automation allows not only contacts to be classified as opportunities, but also to direct those contacts to the sales team. If you use CRM services to manage your meetings and data about leads and customers, know that you can integrate marketing automation platforms with them. The marketing team and the sales team can work together to generate qualified leads.

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Reduced customer acquisition cost (CAC)

The Customer Acquisition Cost is the average amount invested to acquire a new customer. CAC is calculated from the sum of the total invested in the actions involving the marketing and sales teams divided by the number of new customers. Marketing automation guarantees a lower cost in the acquisition of the customer because it is made from the interest of the public.

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