Election Department Singapore Updates for the Polling Day

The polling day is going to take place on July 10, 2020, and Singaporeans are excited to cast their votes to choose the next public representatives. This year, the Singapore polling day is going to be different from the previous because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but the Election Department Singapore has tried its best to make sure that people feel safe and secure while they vote.

In this article, we look at some highlights of the Polling day, and the things that the voters need to know:

E-Rallies and Physical Distancing

We can see some signboards on the streets of Singapore promoting various election candidates. However, this year, such promotions are going to be rare. With the fear of coronavirus, the Election department has urged political parties to launch their campaigns mostly through online and telecommunications.

Instead of physical mass rallies, there will be e-rallies at various venues. Furthermore, every election candidate will get some airtime on a National Television.

Safety Methods

The number of polling stations has increased to avoid large crowd gatherings. Before entering the premises, voters will need to go through a temperature screening. After that, they will have to sanitize their hands and wear disposable gloves before receiving their ballot papers. The whole voting process must complete within five minutes.

Voters with Stay at Home Notices

Voters at SHNs will also get to vote in special voting stations made in their SHN Facilities. Also, the Election Department of Singapore has assured citizens in SHN in their own homes that they will manage a way for everyone to vote.

People Who Need to Work in the Polling Day

The polling day is a public holiday in Singapore. Furthermore, every citizen is encouraged to vote.

So, even if a person needs to work on polling day, they should vote because they are choosing the representative to run their countries. And even if they need to work after voting, they should receive all the perks of working in a Singapore public holiday, which includes bonuses and days in lieu.

Jonathan Rice

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