Enigma solved- Exploring the benefits of encrypted note-taking

Encryption important part of our digital lives from encrypted messaging apps to password managers, more and more of our data is now secured behind cryptographic locks. But one area slower to adopt encryption is note-taking. Whether its to-do lists, journal entries, or random ideas we jot down throughout the day, our notes often contain sensitive information that would be disastrous if they fell into the wrong hands. Fortunately, a new generation of encrypted note-taking apps is aiming to change that.

Case for encrypted notes

Why it’s worth the hassle to encrypt notes that only you will see. But the truth is, our devices and data are vulnerable in many ways we don’t realize. If your phone or laptop is lost or stolen, an unlocked note app provides a treasure trove of personal information. Similarly, if your cloud storage is hacked, unencrypted notes are accessed by cyber criminals. Encryption protects your notes in these situations and prevents them from being read by anyone who lacks the decryption key. Beyond device theft and hacking, there are plenty of other advantages to encrypting your notes:

  1. Privacy from family, roommates, coworkers, etc. – If you share devices or leave your device unlocked at times, encrypted notes ensure only you access your private note buyers
  2. General peace of mind – Encryption gives you confidence that your thoughts and ideas are for your eyes only, even if your phone falls into the wrong hands.
  3. Protection of sensitive info – Financial data, passwords, social security numbers, and other sensitive details are safer in encrypted notes.
  4. Compliance with regulations – Encryption helps comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR and HIPAA for people working in healthcare, finance, etc.

So in short, encrypted notes provide an extra layer of security and privacy in a world where data breaches have become commonplace. Even if no one else regularly uses your devices, encryption protects against theft and gives you confidence your private notes will stay private.

Features to look for in encrypted note apps

When evaluating encrypted note-taking apps, here are some key features to look for:

  • End-to-end encryption – This means notes are encrypted on your device before syncing rather than stored unencrypted in the cloud.
  • Zero-knowledge architecture – Your encryption keys are only stored on your devices rather than held by the service provider. It prevents backdoor access.
  • Open source code – Open source apps allow anyone to audit the codebase for security and confirm the encryption is implemented properly.
  • Industry standard encryption – AES-256 bit or similar encryption standards are the most secure options.
  • Recovery options – Apps should provide ways to recover access if you lose your password or encryption key.
  • Cloud sync & backup – The ability to securely access notes across devices is essential. Backup helps avoid losing notes if a device is damaged.
  • Search encryption – Search your encrypted notes without decrypting everything. Searchable encryption prevents scanning content.
  • Attachment encryption – Any files attached to notes should also be encrypted.
  • Autolock settings – Configure notes to lock immediately or after a set amount of idle time.

Jacob Littlejohn

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