Five Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Devon

It is a rural county with hilly landscapes, sandy shores, and coastal cliffs. Devon is renowned for an assortment of beautiful beaches, mesmerizing coastline, and many other places that make this county worth living.

Devon is a beautiful county with some of the most expensive seaside towns where the house prices are too high.

Here is a list of the five most expensive towns to buy property in Devon.

5. Sidmouth

It is a town caught in timeless charm. This town is located along the Jurassic Coast with royal connections, beautiful gardens, and clean beaches. It is one of the top places to live. This place offers so much. There are many quality restaurants, shops, and sailing hubs.

The property in Sidmouth is available at an average price for a quick property buyer of £435,499. The property in places like Arcot Garden can be bought at an average price of £402,000.

4. Kingsbridge

It is a famous market town, and tourist most visited destination in the South Hams District of Devon. It is the main market town in the area for centuries. It is a lovely market town with so much to explore. The majority of the people come to this place to get settled.

The property in Kingsbridge is available at an average price of £458,083. The people Dutch Court can buy property at an average price of £408,000.

3. Topsham

A nice town with rich maritime history, beautiful buildings, and narrow streets make this town is one of Devon’s most visited places. It is a perfect destination for local food and drinks lovers. You can buy directly from local producers.

You can buy property in Topsham as a quick property buyer at an average price of £476,557. The price of the property varies from street to street and area to area.

Property in Clara place, Topsham, is available at an average price of £464,000. At the same time, property in Follett Road is available at an average price of £514,000.

2. Dartmouth, Devon

The beautiful landscapes, historical buildings, exceptional culture, and local produce makes the town a perfect holiday destination and a great place to live. This beautiful town of Devon is located on the edge of River Dart, and it is one of the most popular towns in south Devon.

The property in Dartmouth can be bought at an average price of £494323. If you want to sell your home quickly for cash, houses in some places like Bailey Meadow, Stoke Fleming are available at an average price of £512,000.

1. Salcombe

Located on the southern coast of Devon, this iconic seaside town is one of the best holiday destinations. This town is famous for its crab, and even has crab festivals as well as multiple local restaurants that serve large plates with spilling.

This town is identified as Britain’s most expensive seaside town. The property price is extremely high here. The average property price has reached up to £762,901.

However, the property in some areas is even higher. For example, houses in Bonfire Hill can be bought at an average price of £905,620.

Thomas Jung

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