How can Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Certifications change your career forever?

The demand for AI has been increasing in many different sectors. AI is considered to be a great career choice for any individual interested in this field. Artificial intelligence is evolving each day. During the past few years, there has been an increase in the job options available for this field.

In addition, if an individual wish to expand their career further, they can take up the artificial intelligence certification. These certifications provide you with a chance to get better job options with nice pay. It is expected that there will be a large number of vacancies for job position related to AI. There are many unique careers that one can select from. AI has become a necessity for almost every organizations such as entertainment, finance, transportation, etc. 

AI overview

The process of creating and building smart machines or programs is referred to as artificial intelligence. These machines have the capability to execute some tasks that need the intelligence of humans. There are several jobs that machines can take over in the near future. In addition, with the use of artificial intelligence, it is ensured to minimize the numbers of an error made by humans. Therefore, it increases the speed of the work along with its effectivity. 

To make the computers learn to perform a task that they are not programmed to do, the algorithm is used by the help of machine learning. There are several benefits of artificial intelligence. AI is used in everyday life for personal needs and also to fulfil the needs of a business. For instance, navigation systems, smart devices at home, and so on. The risk assessment is also normally done with the use of AI in several industries. It is also useful in determining the cost-efficiency, opportunities, improve research, and creativity. 

Machine Learning Certifications Overview

If you decide to take up the machine learning certification, it is useful for improving your resume. Many employers tend to prefer candidates with a certification rather than uncertified individuals. This certification is in high demand across several industries. The industries that aim to utilize data analytics to enhance their business seek for the applicants that are proficient in Machine learning. 

Career Opportunities 

There are several job options available that can improve your career prospects greatly. In addition, these certifications enable you to get a bright career. Few of the options for a better career after obtaining both the machine learning and artificial certifications are given below:

  • Machine Learning Engineer 

It is one of the most famous job choices that are present in the field of artificial intelligence. They have an average salary of $114,856. As a machine learning engineer, you need to skilled in managing, controlling, and maintaining the various platforms for machine learning. 

It is advantageous for an applicant to have knowledge related to agile principles and a deeper understanding of the tools like IntelliJ and Eclipse. 

There are many highly prestigious industries that also have a requirement that states that the candidate must have a doctoral degree or a master’s degree in computer science or mathematics. 

In addition, it is required for the candidates to display their skills in working with various programming languages like Java, Scala, and Python. 

  • Data Scientist 

It is yet another most chosen career paths in both the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. As a data scientist, you are in charge of pf interpreting, collecting, examining the big, difficult/tough set of information through the processes of predictive analysis and machine learning. 

The salary of an individual in a position of the data scientist is around $120,931. If you want to expand your career in data science, then you must be proficient in tools and platforms like Hadoop, Pig, Spark, MapReduce, and hive. 

In addition, it is also vital to have experience in programming language along with computing language like SQL, Python, Perl, and Scala. Although, in many cases having a higher degree in mathematics or electrical engineering also works. 

Other Career Prospects

There are a few more options that you can choose to opt for after acquiring these certifications. For instance:



  • NLP Scientist 
  • Software Developer
  • Human-Centred Machine Learning Designer

Final Words

Therefore, these are few of the benefits and job options that can help in boosting up your career level further. In addition, you also get the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this field after obtaining the certifications. 

Juanita Sapp

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