Top 5 Courses to Pass the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator?

There are in total of 12 types of AWS certifications. Each Certification validates different category of experience, skills and knowledge of a person. There are 4 categories of AWS certifications which are, based on the Expert level of an individual. This means there is a certification for entry-level to expert level individuals. The main focus of these certifications is to enhance an individual’s knowledge related to any sector of cloud computing.

Amongst all the 12 AWS Certifications. The toughest AWS Certification is the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Certification. It is one of the toughest associate-level AWS certifications from exam point of view. It isn’t easy to pass in the first attempt. But there is nothing that is impossible. 

That’s right, with the right course, guidance and materials one can pass the AWS SysOpsAdministrator Associate Certification exam at first attempt itself. Even then it is advisable for aspirants to gear up to achieve this Certification, with some in-hand experience.

Now let’s discuss the courses we mentioned in brief above. Yes, there are many free courses that are provided by the AWS. And these courses can be followed by the aspirants in order to pass the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Certification exam.

The Best 5 Course to Pass the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Certification Exam


This course is created by Dr.MojurAhned, and this course is a very straight forward course. This course is basically designed for those who want to learn about the AWS tools and applications at industrial level. Indeed this course has all the very well-described and pinpoints definitions and terminologies. And by learning these terms and definitions, the AWS SysOpsCertification aspirants will be benefited immensely. 

In this course, there is nothing to point out as a flaw as there is no flaw at all in this course. In addition to that, the instructor has used all the trending methods to make the reader understand each and every topic with ease. And the cherry on the top is that it’s a free course. Till now about 12,000 aspirants have already enrolled in this course. And in Udemy it is rated 4.2 on 5. This is indeed a great course to follow. Let’s jump to the next course.


As a human, we have a natural quality to learn by watching, and this is how the AWS: Zero to Hero course is designed. Well, this is a very popular course which frees of cost, and it is available in Udemy. And this course is crafted by the BackSpace Academy. 

They have created a 3 hours long course video, in which an instructor will be taking the aspirants to the ride of learning about each and every AWS services. And they have added decent animations in order to make the whole video more interesting and easier to grasp. More than 1lakh aspirants or students have chosen this course to learn about AWS services in detail free of cost. And the course instructors are seen talking at a moderate pace, which will be easy for non-English aspirants to grasp. This course is indeed ideal for the AWS SysOps Administrator aspirants.

  • Amazon DynamoDB: BUILDING NO SQL database-driven Applications

Well, this course is more about the AWS database and other such applications. This course may not focus on the topics of AWS SysOps Administrator Exam. But it will educate the aspirants about the other critical portions of the ASS services. And indeed, this will help the AWS SysOps Administrator aspirants, because by learning such things the aspirants will have increase the scope of their practical experience in the ground of AWS database services. And having such in-hand experience will help the aspirants to answer different portions of the AWS SysOps Administrator exam. This course is 8 hours long. And around 3,000 aspirants have registered in this course.

  • AWS TUTORIALS: DynamoDB and Database Mitigation Service

As the name goes, it is a tutorial based on the AWS database and mitigation services. Well, this course is crafted to educate the aspirants about all the required AWS database services and mitigation services. And this course anyhow feeds the curiosity of every AWS aspirant. This course is more inclined towards teaching about the AWS database services. Further, this knowledge will indeed come in handy for the AWS SysOps Administrator aspirants. 

  • AWS Fundamentals: Migration to the Cloud

Last but not least, we have AWS Fundamentals. Well in this course is available in Coursera. This course is suitable for all sort of AWS Certifications. The aspirants will learn about all the required AWS services which will be immensely helpful for them for their AWS SysOps Administrator Certification exam.

This is a full four weeks course, where the instructors’ will not only teach about the AWS certifications, but they will also help the aspirants to discover other jobs which may not be associated with the SysOps Administration.

Bottom line

So, these are the 5 best and suitable courses which will help the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate aspirants to pass the exam and achieve the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Certification. 

Thomas Jung

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