How GeoFencing Can Aid in Driving New Customers to Your Jewelry Store

GeoFencing is one of the good ways to communicate with customers via using smartphones. If you as a pearl business owner, are keen to reach your customers in a new way, then GeoFencing could prove to be highly efficient and the best way to get attention of people.

What is GeoFencing?

GeoFencing works via creating an artificial or an invisible boundary that surrounds your business or any other designated region. When any mobile device like a smartphone crosses invisible fence, then it triggers a response. This fence makes use of the GPS or Global Positioning System on their mobile device. Pearl pendant necklace comes in variety of designs, and lengths to choose from.  

How does Geofencing work for a business?

In terms of a pearl jewelry business, it implies when a customer crosses the designated region that has been set up by you, his device will begin seeing specific marketing messages on their cell phones, via websites and mobile apps they visit.

What is the use of GeoFencing?

GeoFencing engages with potential consumers prior they stepping their foot inside the store. When they see a business message via banner ads, they are in the Geofenced location. They will halt and shop in the store.

What makes Geofencing relevant for people of digital age?

As smartphones has become an important place in the life of consumers. Millennials are committed to mobile equipment with 92% of millennials who own smartphones. Smartphones help them to know whether a close by business offers a product or promotion that fascinated you.

How to make GeoFencing more effective for your business?

GeoFencing helps in maximization of the outcome to ensure you keep a track on the visit to the landing page or website and use retargeting methods via Facebook and Google. This will help in improving the rate of conversion and also offer overall effectiveness of your campaigns.


The technological dependence is continuing to expand, and our advertising tactics require adapting to fulfill those modifications. GeoFencing, a new and innovative tool helps in reaching to customers who would be in search of your business.

Jacob Littlejohn

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