“It’s About the Follow Through”: Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson’s Take On New Year’s Resolutions

There is a reason why making New Year’s resolutions is such a popular trend. We pass through stages in life and setting specific resolutions or goals for a new year equips us with fresh motivation. They motivate us to keep up with our daily routine and, to a good degree, help us stave off the boredom that always threatens to accumulate during our day-to-day lives.

However, once having set our resolutions for a fresh year, it is important that we follow them through. In other words, we must adopt a serious attitude in regard to New Year’s resolutions and not go for them simply because it is in vogue. It is okay to go amiss once in a while. However, if we repeatedly fail to keep our promises (made to ourselves, of our own will), that can have adverse effects on our mental well-being. It can lead to frustrations, low self-esteem, and even mental depression.

On the other hand, if we are sincere about our resolutions and go about them in a methodical manner, it is not difficult to realize our goals. And when we are able to do that, it does us a world of good. Many mental wellness coaches, therapists and counselors stress the following points when it comes to realizing our New Year goals.

Determining Priorities and Setting Realistic Goals

Let’s say someone has a passion for golf and is thinking about taking up the sport for some time now. However, before putting it up on his list of resolutions, the person must ask himself: (1) If it is really one of his priorities and (2) If he has time enough to spare for taking up a new hobby. For example, if he has a busy year ahead at his workplace with a lot of responsibilities on his shoulder, it might not be the right time to go for a new hobby.

Keep the List Short, Write the Items Down and Go Through Them Every Day

Setting realistic goals already implies that you cannot make too many resolutions for the New Year. You have your own daily routine to take care of, and you cannot cram your schedule with too many new tasks. Doing that is, in fact, a sure recipe for failure. So, keep your list short, and don’t aim for too many things at once.

Now, once having decided on the things you want to pursue, make sure to grab a pen and paper and write them down. And make sure to go into all the details and the specifics. How do you plan to realize a certain goal? What changes will you need to make to your current schedule for the above purpose? Going into all these specifics makes for clarity and again helps you determine whether a certain task is realistic or not.

Finally, once having completed the above steps, make it a point to go through your diary of resolutions every day. This will help you stay on top of things, track your progress, and, sometimes, strike off an item or two if you find that you cannot realistically complete those tasks before the end of the year.

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson on New Year Resolutions

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson, a respected lawyer in Georgia, says that it is important that you share your goals for the New Year with one or two very intimate persons in your life. The latter can be your friends, family members, spouse, or even children. For one thing, by sharing your resolutions, you hold yourself accountable, which often acts as an added spur because your pride and self-esteem are on the line. Further, when you share your resolutions with people who care for you and vice-versa, they themselves will often act as an extra source of motivation. They will help you keep on track if you tend to slack off at times. On the other hand, you will try to stay true to your pledges since you otherwise may feel that you have let them down by not fulfilling your promises.

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson also stresses that when setting one’s New Year’s goals, one should only go for things that will bring him true happiness and not pursue things simply out of sudden whims or fascinations or stave off boredom.

Jonathan Rice

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