Workplace productivity: Help your employees fight flu season! 

“Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.” – Angela Ahrendts.

Whether you started your company on your own or with the help of your partners. Now that you have successfully finished the first phase of the business, you need the help of employees to keep it going. With the growth and expansion of the company, employees become its inseparable part. Thus, it becomes crucial to ensure that they are happy working and staying healthy, especially in winters.  

But Why? 

According to a report of The National Center for Biotechnology Information, ‘Winter blues and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) has a direct impact on the productivity of the employees. It makes the staff feel lazy, lethargic, and dull.’ 

It goes without saying that when your staff is less productive, your business suffers. That’s why, as their boss/ employer, it is your responsibility to help them get through this winter season without adversely affecting their productivity. Are you curious to know how? If yes, then let’s get straight into it! 

Educate the employees about health 

The first thing you need to do for improving productivity in the company is to organize a training session for employees. In winters the body is less energetic as compared to the summers. Thus, you need to encourage your workers to stay active, get more vitamin D, drink more water, keep caffeine intake in control, etc. 

In addition to this, it’ll help in creating a hygienic routine among the workers and also in protecting the premises from germs. 

Ensure that the temperature of the office is ideal 

Improving productivity means providing your staff with comfortable working conditions. Ideal office temperature is one of such working conditions. In fact, the experts at  suggest getting high-quality heating, ventilation, and cooling systems (HVAC technology). It will help in maintaining the ideal temperature in your office. So that the workers do not get distracted due to changing weather.  

Schedule frequent breaks for them

Do you know the secret of a progressive work environment? Not sure? That’s alright! We’ll tell you. It is not getting more work done, but it is about getting ‘quality’ work done. In short, quality over quantity. 

But how will you ensure quality work? The practical answer to this question is by providing them frequent breaks. Believe it or not, but when your staff is well-rested, their stress level reduces, and efficiency improves. This way they’ll provide you brilliant work, and not to mention will feel a connection with the organization. 

Update the medical clause of company policy

As the winter season starts, you should update the medical policy of the company. You can include more paid medical leaves (as people get sicker), offer remote working (work from home), provide medical insurance for the staff, etc. It will convey a message that they are a valuable asset to your company. 

To sum it all up! 

Undoubtedly, it is hard to control the flu season. However, you can control your office and help your workers be more productive. Provide them with a warm workplace, schedule their breaks, and educate them about the season. All this will help in reducing their stress and in improving the overall efficiency of the workplace. 

Jonathan Rice

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