Looking To Increase Your Sales – 7 Approaches You Haven’t Tried Before  


You came into this business for monetary gains. But now it has become a matter of prestige to you. Your competitors are outdoing you in almost every sphere that you enter into. They have acquired a significant share of the market. They are looking to innovate in the near future to make their presence even more prominent. 

As a result, their sales are going to boost even further. What have you thought of as a countermeasure? How are you going to expand your sales? How are you going to rake in a thicker profit margin? Here’s discussing a few very unique and offbeat strategies that you can employ to increase your sales numbers and achieve those targets more efficiently. Let’s dig in: 

  1. Nurture Your Existing Customers

This is going to be the very first step towards increasing your sales. A lot of business houses forget about their existing customers in their attempt to lure in a fresh consumer base. Your existing customers are your loyal consumer base. They are not strangers anymore. 

They are your returning and faithful audience that has also worked as your brand ambassadors of sorts knowingly as well as unknowingly. You need to market and promote your products and services to this particular section as well. According to an independent study, your existing customers can amount to a total increase in your sales by about 31%. How can you say no to that much profit coming your way?

  1. Focus On Your Competitors

Why should you focus on your competitors at all? This is because you need to analyze what their current move is and anticipate what their next move is going to be. They are employing some of the most innovative and appealing marketing techniques at the moment. If you want to outdo them and beat them at their own game, you need to be a few steps ahead of them. This is where it becomes essential to understand their marketing strategy.

Understand that the challenges they face are the ones you will be facing once you go down the same lane. Their planning and remedial actions can help you combat those challenges more efficiently. Their weaknesses will be similar to yours and therefore, it becomes easier to learn from their mistakes and the various points at where they faltered. You can prevent those challenges from slowing down your progress by taking lessons from their mistakes.

  1. Create Value

This is one of the most practical ways to increase your sales even before the year ends. You have to create a certain value in your product or service. Your customers should find your product or service as an offering without which they just cannot imagine their life. Explain to them just how unique your product is. Highlight the many benefits of your offering and how it can enrich their lives in the long run. Make them believe that this purchase is going to be not just a momentary experience but a decision that will make their lives better.

  1. Defining Your Sales Goals

In all this strategizing and execution, how can you forget the importance of defining your sales goals? This is the epicenter of your every activity. This is the source from where all your operations and functions emanate. You have to have very clear and defined sales goals before you work towards achieving them. In order to establish them, you will need the right resources, qualified personnel, and the right attitude. Find trade service professionals you can rely on such as:

  •         Financial planners
  •         Accountants
  •         Sales executives
  •         Budget experts
  •         Logistics planners
  •         Packaging partners
  •         Suppliers chain management experts 
  •         Software developers
  •         Copywriting gurus

These professionals can help you set up realistic goals as always attract your customers to your products and services within practically no time.

  1. Establish Stronger Customer Relations

Now, this approach applies to all your customers. It is relevant to your existing customers and your prospects as well. It is important to simplify the means through which your customers reach out to your representatives. Be available to them whenever they have a complaint. Be more reachable whenever they have a query. Be willing to solve their problems in a genuine manner. Treat all your customers the same and appreciate the time they have taken out to write a review or perhaps even submit a suggestion. Value your customers and they will return that value to you in the form of more sales.

  1. Identifying Customer Motivation

What drives your customers to make a purchase? 

What attracts them to your brand? 

What makes them want a particular product or service in the first place?

Do you have those insights with you?

Your customers have stuck to your brand for a reason. They are paying for your products and services because they get a certain value in return. It is essential to take out the time to understand their needs and concerns, fears, and challenges. It is critical to never let those concerns overshadow their purchase decisions. Serve them first and remove any obstacles that might come in their way of purchasing your product. It could be misinformation, inaccessibility, higher price, better alternatives in the market, or maybe something else. Address those pain points and you can keep them motivated to keep returning to you.

  1. Don’t Give Away The Farm

Let’s just say that you are not supposed to fill them in with unnecessary information and knowledge. You also have to maintain a certain discreteness when it comes to marketing and promoting your products and services. Leave a little mystery to the entire deal. Far too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of giving away a lot of information to the customers right upfront. The trick is to keep them engaged with as much info as they need at that point of time. This gives you the power to draw them in and initiate lead conversion as quickly as possible. This effectively turns them into loyal customers in the long run.

Final Thoughts

You came into this business to earn a profit. However, things have changed now. It is a matter of pride and self-respect to be able to hold onto that market share that you have earned over these years. You don’t want any other company to take over your territory. Be willing to go out of your comfort zone to please your customers. Be willing to try out these approaches before anything else.


Juanita Sapp

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