The Best Employee Monitoring Software for Small Business in 2021

Employee Monitoring Software can be defined as software to monitor the activities of the employee. It allows the administrators of the company to check and inspect the computers of their employees from a main location.

Use of Employee Monitoring Software

The employee monitoring software is mainly used for supervising the performance of employees, avoid illegal acts, and prevent the leakage of confidential documents. They are widely used for keeping an eye on the employees’ work by technology companies. The software provides various tools and features in order to track the work done by employees, such as the files or the document sent, received and opened by them.

The Best Employee Monitoring Software

A number of employee monitoring software are available in the market for the technology and business firms. This software provides the small business owners access to the insight of employees’ work. The monitoring software also have the ability to monitor the web browsing done by employees and applications used by them. It can also track the activity of the user, block applications, click screenshots, and other insight information.

Some of the best software for employee monitoring are mentioned below—

  • Teramind
  • InterGuard
  • ActivTrak
  • Work Examiner


Teramind is a famous employee monitoring software with the facility of live screen viewing and playback of history. One can control the devices of employee either remotely or by manually overriding the accounts of user. The software has the ability to monitor Windows, Mac, Citrix, VDI and terminal servers. The cost of software starts from $10 per user, per month to $20.83 per user, per month.


Inter Guard is a well-known employee monitoring software, which has the ability to monitor various mobile services like Linux, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Windows VDI and Android. The software performs extremely well at tracking the devices when the employees are present online with active status. The logging activity of employees, the work done by them, the time spend by them idly, all can be known by Inter Guard. It can cost $9.99 monthly per user


Active Track works on cloud-based system to monitor the employees. The software offers free plan for three users and paid plan with five users. The advanced plan can cost $9 per user, monthly. ActivTrak can be customized and is convenient to use with 24/7 support team of the company.

Work Examiner

Work Examiner was made by EfficientLab and, is an on-premises monitoring software, which works on Windows devices. The software does not give a monthly subscription instead; it charges a single licensing fee. Work Examiner offers two plans: Standard Plan and Professional Plan. It also offers the facility of a free trial for 30 days for five employees. To know more, visit

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