Does Employment Agencies Really Helping Find a Job?

Employment agencies have been designed to help employers find suitable staff for their companies. The problem many businesses have is not knowing how to locate, interview and eventually hire the ideal staff for their companies. This is particularly useful if you think that around two thirds (nearly 80%) of companies (including some of the biggest names) find they have made the wrong recruitment choice only two weeks later.

The reality is that agencies can be useful if you know how to find the right candidates for your business. These agencies take a variety of different roles in relation to your industry. For example, they can act as matchmakers, conducting face-to-face and telephone interviews to locate the very best candidates for your company. They can also help you to screen through hundreds or thousands of candidates to find the right person for the specific role. Ultimately, the aim of a recruitment agency is to find the most suitable candidate for each job role, whatever that role might be.

One of the problems many businesses have with recruitment agencies is simply not knowing how to identify which one to use. This is not a difficult task provided you have access to the right resources and information. First of all, make sure you take advantage of online services. Indeed many recruiting agencies operate online these days, allowing companies to post jobs on the Internet. There are many well established employment websites that can provide valuable information on which staffing firms are best suited for different industries or visit AIE on Indeed.

You should also make sure that you take the trouble to check out the background of any prospective staffing agency Ottawa. In particular, check to see whether the company has any complaints lodged against it in relation to any of its previous employment. It can also help you to check whether the employment agency is regulated by government bodies such as the Office of Fair Trading. Finally, bear in mind that some employment agencies can charge a fee for their services. Before hiring a specific staffing firm, always read through the small print to find out if any of the costs are unexpected.

When you do finally come across an employment opportunity that you believe could work for your business, the key to success is to hand over the final decision to a trusted manpower agency. The agency will then carry out all the necessary research on your behalf, ensuring that your job opportunity is one that meets your strict standards. Trusted manpower agencies will be able to gauge from your resume what skills and experience you have in terms of job performance and this knowledge will prove invaluable when it comes to finalising your job offer. Furthermore, a trusted manpower agency will also have access to the job market, allowing them to ensure that they know which positions are open and which are not.

So are employment agencies really helpful when it comes to finding a job? In my opinion, most people would benefit from using a recruitment agency. It is true that the initial outlay of signing up with a recruitment agency can be higher than employing a staff member or looking for freelance workers on the internet, but if you use the correct resources, it will be money well spent. Whether you want a permanent position or are just looking for part time work, you will almost certainly find what you need at a reputable recruitment agency. In my experience, I have found that most people who have used a recruitment agency were happy with their decision and have been offered a job of their dreams.

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