The Different Ways To Use Digital Signage

For first-timers looking for digital signage or revamping existing screens, you can be stuck wondering what you have to promote. The feeling is not strange. The blank slate will be a tough place to begin. If you are trying to know the brand message when it comes to in-store digital marketing. There are several ways to use digital signage hk for your business’s advantage.

It features a product, service, or item

The in-store signage has one main goal, which is to visually advertise the products and services. While this is done with posters, it is done more effectively with digital signage. If you begin creating digital signage content, start through promoting the core products and services.

Explains the value of a product, service, or item

What a business does or sells is vital, but more essential is why it is useful. Consumers are careful with their money to ensure they communicate the value of the brand. For the retail store, it is the quality. For an auto repair, it is the parts and service guarantee.

It can be long-term health. It doesn’t matter what your industry is, ensure you are communicating the “Why” behind your brand.

Create urgency

Create a sense of urgency as a great way of upselling at the point of purchase. Ensure that the digital signage advertises a promotion or sale. It is something straightforward like:

  • store-wide percentage off
  • discount on a certain item

Or, it can be something more subtle, such as using the weather to make urgency. For instance, do you have a product people think about if it is raining? Digital signage updates your ads automatically according to the local weather forecasts and the current conditions. Also, it can start advertising the most relevant products.

Entertain customers

Not all selling has to be hard selling. The digital signage options, such as waiting room TVs can replace the cable with family-friendly entertainment content and ensure the brand is not associated with offensive shows or any competitor advertisements. With the waiting room TV, you can display the following:

  • ads
  • custom messages
  • other live feeds along with main videos

These help promote the brand message while entertaining customers.

Inform customers

Give customers useful information, which can be just as valuable as advertising the products. Nowadays, the marketing landscape is about content. So, if you provide something valuable to the consumer, even if it is not directly linked to the product or service, you can still help win the customer on the brand. For instance, the dentist’s office runs a video on the proper way of brushing teeth. There is nothing about it that leads to direct income for the practice but helps create a positive brand experience for the customer.

Display reviews

There are a few things to reinforce the decision to buy like endorsements from other customers. It doesn’t only show that your products or services are trusted, but they are positively affecting other people’s lives. So ensure you are influencing customer behavior with powerful content like customer reviews.

Jonathan Rice

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