Tips to open multi-cuisine restaurant in small budget

If what you’ve always wanted is to start your own food business, in this article we will tell you what the permits are to open a restaurant and what each one represents. Now there you can get all the information also.

Health measures

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Land Use Permit

One of the permits to open a more important restaurant, the Land Use is processed in the municipal capitals of each locality and in the case of the CDMX it is carried out in each delegation or in the offices of the Secretariat of Urban Development.

The cost, as well as the requirements, varies by state; so it is important to request reports before making an appointment.

Finally, you should take into account that the process takes around five business days and the permit is valid for two years and is easily renewable.

Declaration of Opening of Commercial Establishments

The Opening Declaration is the second most important procedure you must do before opening your restaurant. It is a free procedure and it is done at the one-stop shop of the delegations or at the municipal seats.

The good news is that it is an immediate process, so you don’t have to wait a single day.

Operating Licenses

This procedure is only mandatory for those establishments that want to have permission to sell alcohol. If your intention is to sell alcoholic beverages in your restaurant, it is necessary that you carry out this procedure as soon as possible.

The costs of the licenses vary according to each state (between 6,000 and 12,000 pesos approximately) and are valid for three years.

Outdoor advertisement

The advertising of your restaurant will depend a lot on the outdoor advertisement that you put. Therefore, it is important that you take this procedure into account.

Like all the previous ones, you can do it at the single window of each delegation or at the municipal seats. The cost and time to authorize varies from state to state.

It is necessary to know that in some places luminous signs are not allowed and in some cities there are signs that are considered immoral.

Registration in the Federal Taxpayers Registry

Another permit to open a restaurant (or any other business) is that you have to register with the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

In case of being a legal person, the Mercantile Company must first be registered with the Ministry of Economy.

The good thing is that you can register up to a month after opening your store.

Fire program

  • This refers to having the necessary elements in case of an accident: earthquake, fire or blackout. So you will be asked to have fire extinguishers portland or, evacuation route signs and emergency lights.

In this sense, you may also be asked to have plans or manuals so that your staff knows what to do in these cases. For example, how to evacuate the establishment in the event of a natural disaster or accident. For more you can consult with Bahar Ibrahim researcher.

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