Trendy Neon Signs Designed To Make Wedding Dreamier

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Wedding decoration always meant flowers and lights. There was hardly anybody till quite recently that though something like neon sign to be a thing for wedding venues. Some called it tacky; the others considered it going over the top. But, when a neon sign finally made to the venue, it actually became a trend worth following. This is the story just a few years back; cut to present times, in 2019, the wedding planning discussions are rendered incomplete without talking about the neon signs. We bring you here some of the finest neon signs that have added to the romantic feel of the occasion and made wedding the perfect occasion the couples dreamt of.


  • It was always you


Whosoever designed this sign certainly knows what commitment and loyalty are all about. The couple sends a strong message across but in the most romantic way and tells the world and to themselves what bond they share. The wedding may be the start of many new things, but this sign tells about the togetherness and the passion that worked behind the scene to bring the D-day into reality. 


  • Love forever


Wedding is all about love, togetherness and lots of romance. While flowers, colors of the drapes, the tabletops with pristine candles do their job, it is the ‘Love Forever’ sign that makes a perfect photography spot at a wedding venue. This sign is certainly classy and impressive and exudes the very idea for which people marry or should marry. 


  • Til Death


Wedding planners find it a brilliant idea to place this neon sign at the spot where exchanging vows is scheduled. This sign tells all and has a deep message. It can make the couple fall in love all over again and start their life with a promise of togetherness till eternity. This neon sign is pure love and commitment and lets the couple feel the emotion behind exchanging views. Did we mention it looks more than awesome too?


  • The family surname


This belongs to the group of neon signs that have somewhat formal appeal. All you are trying to do is guide the guests to the correct party, but in a unique style. You can also contribute to choosing the font and the color while getting the family surname neon sign designed. It certainly is an eye-catching indicator and certainly does not need constant watering like flower signs to look fresh. 


  • The couple name


Now this is the most obvious thing to do when designing the stage for reception. If you want to assign a place where all meets and greets between the couple and guests will take place, you can take help of neon sign displaying the couple names. It can be initials of the names, too, and certainly can lighten up the place where people come closer and do more than merely fulfilling the formalities.

Get more info about the new trends in neon signs for venue decoration when the wedding bells are just round the corner. It will help you make your place sassier and more beautiful.


Thomas Jung

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