Want a new office space? Consider these factors before signing the deal

Every entrepreneur goes through the struggle of finding a new office space to showcase their business talents. And, we all know how that turns out! With months of field surfing, you end up compromising your needs.

But not anymore!

 Are you also looking for a new office space but have no clue what factors to keep in mind before selecting the best one? Let’s face it, renting an office space in a big and commercial city like DC is indeed a daunting task, especially for budding entrepreneurs. Besides the budget and space, there are a lot of things to consider before closing the deal.

Well, worry no more. Let’s take a look at some factors you need to consider before selecting your ideal office space.


  • Plan a budget

For those who are not very good at their finances, planning the budget beforehand is always a good idea. Once you know how much you can and want to spend on your office space, you can narrow down the options accordingly. 

As a business owner, you might be familiar with the fact that debt is not good for your business. So, don’t opt for the budget that is going to stunt your business’ growth. The financial and real estate experts advise the entrepreneurs that one should crunch the numbers before browsing the rental options, as it allows the business owners to operate comfortably.

And yes, don’t forget to set aside some money for utilities, furniture, and other business assets.

  • Look for accessibility

Of course, you wouldn’t want your office space to be located in a secluded area that is hard to find. You need to ask one question before you finalize the location for your office, “Can my clients and employees commute easily?”

 If you find an office that ticks this box, then that’s your first step towards selecting a good location. Consider the neighborhood and the amenities available close to your office. Is there a café or a gym nearby, where your employees can blow off some steam after working hard in the office? Consider these crucial points and keep your clients and staff happy.

  • Decide the floor plan

For instance, if you are a budding entrepreneur and looking for a suitable office space for your business. Then you need to know that the floor plan of your office will determine your office culture.

For example, Corporate America is much more of an “open the door” policy. So, you can opt for an open floor plan. But if you want everyone to have their personal space, you can always go for a closed one. 

But then every business person has their style of working, so it is totally up to you. The real estate experts of The Genau Group suggest to their clients that it is better to browse different office layouts before you go searching in the field.  The professionals can help buyers negotiate the right price, get fair terms, navigate complex legal paperwork, and, most importantly, protect the company’s vested interests before and after you sign a lease agreement.

Make sure that your office has enough space to accommodate breaks and relevant team activities to create a positive ambiance. Like it or not, but your office does send a message. If you choose a building that is falling apart, first of all, no one would like to invest in your business, and secondly, no new employee would like to join your firm. Maybe, appearance doesn’t matter, but in business, it is a big deal.

  • Consider the parking and storage area.

 Parking is yet another aspect to consider before signing the final agreement. What if you opt for an office where your employees and clients cannot park their bikes and cars? That would be really uncomfortable. Right? Make sure your office space is well-equipped, where everyone has their own parking spot. And if your employees are more into biking, there should be a rack to park their bikes.


Finding an adequate office space for the business needs patience, research, and a lot of time. So, stop hovering around your ideal office place is right there. The more you research, the higher are your chances of getting a perfect place for your business operations. In fact, the general rule of thumb says, “Don’t settle for the first one when it comes to properties”.

 The process of looking for an office process can indeed be overwhelming for a newbie business owner. But you can always consult a professional real estate agent or broker that can help you with the properties in your desired location. Yes, it can make the entire process a lot easier.

So, go and start looking for your ideal office space immediately!

Jacob Littlejohn

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