What Is a Custom Mailing Tube and Why You Need It?

Many people are familiar with mailing tubes. You might already know that this item is built of stiff cardboard and is usually cylindrical. One of its ends has a cap that enables the user to open and place different items in the tube. These tubes are mainly for shipping papers, drawing, and similar items. They impart a high degree of protection, and the contents get delivered without any damage. But today, you also have the option to get custom mailing tubes that can accommodate any kind of product. Such tubes are tailored to your specifications. So, it becomes easy to ship a variety of products in them.

What Is a Custom Mailing Tube?

Custom-made mailing tubes are a cost-effective option for businesses for shipping products that need this kind of packaging. Custom-designed mailing tubes can be formed to any required size. There’s no need for the usual mailing tube in regular white or brown colors. The tube’s diameter and length is fit as per the requirements of specific products they will be holding.

A crucial goal of product packaging is to keep the contents inside protected. The products kept inside won’t get sufficiently protected or need extra packaging material to get adequate protection. If the usual mailing tubes are utilized for every kind of product, they may not be of the right size for them. These custom mailing tubes can be sealed in various styles like snap seals, self-locking, and plastic end caps. You can find them available with diameters ranging between ½’’ to 24’’. Their lengths can go as long as 350’’.

Why Businesses Require Custom Mailing Tube?

Many businesses need a mailing tube to ship their products. But a standard tube may not be enough to dispatch products of varying shapes and sizes. Here are some features of customized mailing tubes that prove helpful for businesses of all sizes.

  • Custom tubes can be made of different materials. For instance, fiber tubes offer greater strength and protection. They can also be coated and become water-resistant. Thus, the contents inside it can reach the destination without experiencing any damage. Many tubes can be reinforced with other materials. It enhances their capacity to protect the content in them.
  • You can find custom tubes in bright and bold colors. There’s also the possibility to get them custom printed. Such tubes not only add more color but also add character to the whole packaging. Thus, you can identify your package quickly. Many businesses also require tubes to mail their business letters, documents, or brochures. So, they must carry their company name and logo. Custom printing gains importance in this regard. The graphics also contribute positively to branding or marketing.
  • A popular choice is the clear plastic mailing tubes. These provide better durability than cardboard tubes. Through them, the recipient can also look at the contents inside. Those for whom durability is an important parameter can look for lightweight aluminum tubes. These tubes impart premium protection. They also come with features like twist-off caps, making way for more convenience. These tubes are especially becoming the choice of most people, given that around 10 percent of all packages dispatched by mail receive a certain amount of damage.

Thus, mailing tubes have transformed a lot from how they used to be many years ago. Today, customized mailing tubes provide businesses with ways to dispatch products and enhance their brand visibility.

Jonathan Rice

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