3 Useful Benefits of an Access Control System in Singapore

When running an office, you’ll notice a significant portion of your budget goes into security systems and locks. After all, your office most likely has sensitive information about your company that might be dangerous to fall into the wrong hands. You’ll also want to restrict access to certain rooms from a few employees. These rooms might have sensitive information they shouldn’t be privy to or equipment they’re not trained to use. If you struggle with these two issues, you can solve both at once by getting an access control system in Singapore.

An access control system allows and restricts access to a building, room, or location. Depending on the type of system you get, it can identify people in many ways: through an ID with a chip, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and more. While it only looks like a replacement for traditional mechanical locks at first, it can provide more benefits for your company than you think. Here are three benefits of having a door access system from Singapore for your office.

1. Keep Track of Activity

When an employee requests and is granted access to a room, the door access system from Singapore can record it for you to review later. By the end of the day, you’ll have a comprehensive list of rooms every employee has entered. This information can prove to be helpful later; for example, say a document has gone missing from a drawer in one of the rooms. You’ll be able to pinpoint which employees have entered that room and start your questioning there.

2. Easily Adjust Access

You can easily edit which employees can access a particular room at any time using an office door access system in Singapore. For example, those in a specific position can only access a few rooms, but higher positions may have access to others. If an employee gets a promotion, you can easily edit which rooms they can access. You can also grant access to guests in case a business partner or potential job applicant visits. You can also restrict and grant access based on other factors, such as the time of day.

3. Save Money and Energy

Chances are you spend a lot of money on maintaining locks for every door you have in your building. You might even have security guards to watch your office at all times, but you still have to pay a fee to keep them stationed in your office. The access control system can double as a security system in Singapore since it can detect when intruders try to hack or break into it. It also helps you during emergencies like fires by automatically unlocking when the power goes out, allowing people to evacuate.

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Jonathan Rice

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