5 live trivia apps that have India’s audience hooked

India has been introduced to a trend in 2017, and ever since then, live trivia apps have become a new in-thing in the country.

With arms wide open, Indian players welcomed these trivia apps. While Loco was the first introduction, nothing has stopped the advent of such maths quiz games on GetMega are in plenty. That’s the reason why these apps have exploded on the Internet over the last few years.

The story began with the inception of Loco, as mentioned earlier in the post. However, as it became the buzzword, many other apps are getting introduced in today’s gaming sphere. Now, what is a live trivia game? It’s nothing but the quiz apps that let players play and win. On this note, here are the five live trivia apps that have India’s audience hooked.

#1 BrainBaazi

Although Loco is the first-ever trivia app in India, there’s no denying that it has acquired prominent competitors quite at a speedy pace. For this reason, the Internet-backed BrainBaazi is notched up with five million downloads on Android in not more than six months. Presently, it occupies the third position in the Play Store’s trivia apps section.

BrainBaazi quiz occurs each weekday at 1 pm & 9 pm. During weekends, the quiz occurs only at 9 pm. These involve a total of eleven general knowledge questions. Users vie for the cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh. The winning amount gets debited to the Mobikwik or PayTM accounts of the users. The app is now available in Hindi and English languages.

#2 Loco

Loco is at times known as India’s HQ Trivia. Its format is plain and simple – after all, Loco invites the users to play the quiz in real-time. It lets them win the real cash when and if they answer the ten questions rightly. As a matter of fact, the quiz occurs twice during the weekdays (i.e., 1:30 pm & 10 pm) and once (10 pm) during weekends.

The winning amount gets credited to the PayTM account of the user on a weekly basis. Just in case you have the lives, you may use them in case you are unable to answer a question or answer it incorrectly. With a total of five million downloads, it’s available in Hindi, English, Marathi, and Bengali languages in Play Store.

#3 Qureka

Qureka hosts live quizzes at 2:30 pm & 8:30 pm. Here, users can win a total of Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 if they answer the ten questions rightly. There’s a mega quiz that takes place during every month’s end where players can play for Rs 2 Lakhs. Qureka runs the themed quizzes like the ‘90s India’.

The app has already notched up around a million downloads, and now it’s available in the Hindi language. The thing that separates it from other live trivia apps is its unique referral mode. So, when you refer, you get to win. If the game is won by the referred person, then the referrer receives around 50 percent of the total prize. 

#4 Zupee

Zupee is developed by the IIT-Kanpur graduates. And it’s one of the best maths quiz games, which is are text-based. Recently, it has recorded more than 100,000 downloads. It positions itself as the “India-specific” trivia (quiz) app with questions of Indian history, current affairs, geography, etc.

There are tons of questions in Chemistry, Physics, and Maths too. Each quiz lasts 100 seconds, and a total of 10 questions should get answered. Unlike other games, Zupee lets users stay in the game after the wrong answer too. As far as the cash price is concerned, it ranges from Rs 500 to around Rs 5,000. This app also incentivizes users for referrals and sign-ups.

#5 QuizBiz on Live.me

Last but not least, QuizBiz (developed by popular utility apps’ developer Cheetah Mobiles) is available on Live.me (the live broadcasting tool). This quiz is held at 9 pm, and its cash prize ranges from $200 to $10,000.

Participants should answer twelve questions to win the prize. Just in case they get eliminated, they may rejoin the quiz. For this, they should send the invitation code to friends through WhatsApp and Facebook, or even email. The prize money gets credited to the PayPal accounts of the user. 

Final Note

Now that you’ve read about the five top and best maths quiz games, do you think that you can play any one of them? If yes, then enhance your intellectual skills and take advantage of winning real money.

Thomas Jung

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