Folding Cartons VS Corrugated Boxes- Which to choose? 

When it is about packaging, there are a lot of options you may consider. However, the only difference with the system is that both folding and corrugated boxes have been one of the most commonly used ones. They are extensively used in the packaging industry. The folding carton boxes are very commonly found in the market. Although both are meant for quantity and compact storing, each of it has a significant difference to notice.

Folding carton

Folding carton boxes are significantly used in the retail market. Made out of paperboard, folding cartons are printed, laminated, shaped out, folded and stuck together using glue. Folding cartons are used in a lot of markets such as cereal, cosmetics, and more. Whenever you visit a store, you may want to purchase items packed in the folding carton.

Folding cartons may appear to be one layer of thick cardboard. However, it is a multi-dimensional figure printed of different colors. This further plays an important role in branding and promotion of the products. These are made to hold the product. However, folding cartons may not be the ideal option for transferring or shipping the materials, since they are at the risk of breakage.


  • Compared to other types, folding cartons have a small footprint. This provides the bulk packaging option.
  • It is thin and lightweight. Therefore, this ensures the easy storage of the package.
  • It can reflect and undertake texture, stamping, embossing, and more.

Corrugated Boxes

The corrugated boxes are made of two liner board sheets mixed in between. The corrugated boxes are available in different sheets and styles. The structure of corrugated boxes provides additional support to the heavy or unevenly distributed items of the box.

Although people consider corrugated boxes to be just brown boxes, they are much more than that. This is usually because you can carry out a digital print and finishing on them to make it stand out from others.


  • Offers the options of locking tabs, closures, and magnets.
  • The package provides convenience in opening and closing
  • Handles and inserts can be used in the bag to increase the strength and support feature.

Which one to choose?

Different factors determine which box you should be choosing. These usually include shape, size, and weight of the product. If your product is big and heavy, a corrugated box will be the right choice to make. However, if the product is light and small, folding cartons may be efficient.

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Jacob Littlejohn

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