How hard is the AWS Developer Associate Certification?

AWS Developer Associate certification proves your understanding of the basic concepts, uses, services, and best practices of AWS architecture. This certification can be difficult to clear for many individuals. However, many individuals are successful in clearing the exam. Sometimes even with preparation few individuals still fail at clearing this exam. 

However, the dedication and desire of an applicant become a deciding factor which helps them to work harder and thus, increases their chances at clearing the exam. Thus, appropriate preparation is needed to clear any exam.

You should always begin by understanding the concepts thoroughly. Many applicants take the exam without understanding it properly. It is a vital step to have a clear idea of the domains and topics included in the exam. 


AWS Fundamentals – 10%

Debugging – 20%

Designing and Developing – 40%

Deployment and Security – 30%

These are the domains that are crucial for the exam. You must understand each of these domains thoroughly before taking the exam.  

The AWS Developer Associate exam tests you on your knowledge regarding the basic concepts, uses, services, and the architectural best practices of AWS. You also have to showcase your skills in debugging, deploying, and developing the applications based on the cloud with the use of the AWS platform. 

Recommended Knowledge

You must ensure that you have worked as a developer for one or more years in the maintenance and development of the applications normally based on the AWS. After that, you can take the AWS Developer Associate exam. The applicants normally take the exam only with the knowledge of the exam domains. However, it is crucial for the applicants to concentrate on obtaining the knowledge and the experience that is recommended for taking the exam. This knowledge or skills can be very vital for ensuring your success in the exam. 

  • You must have a detailed knowledge of any high-level programming language.
  • You must have the skills to use the APIs, command-line, and SDK while writing the applications. 
  • Understanding the lifecycle management of the application is necessary.
  • You must be able to use the best practices of AWS to write code, especially with the use of IAM. (Identity and Assets Management) roles. 
  • You should have the ability to write codes for applications that are serverless. 
  • You must know how to use the containers properly in the process of development. 

You should always check the knowledge and skills that are recommended for any exam. It is a beginner level certification. It contains a huge list of concepts that you must understand thoroughly before taking the exam. 

Steps for Preparation

It is difficult if you think of its numerous topics that you need to cover before you appear for the exam. In addition, you can find a way when you are trying to decide your objective towards a particular topic. You can make use of the following steps to get rid of any issues that can become a roadblock in your way of being certified in AWS Developer Associate.

  • Firstly, you must have an overview of the entire examination topics. It is crucial to go through the topics thoroughly before taking the exam. In addition, you need to give more focus on gaining knowledge and expertise in basic areas.
  • After this, you must choose online training course given by various course providers. These courses help you to acquire the right direction to prepare for this certification. You have the choice to watch the video again to understand the topic clearly. It is a key benefit of signing up for online courses.
  • You can also make use of mock tests to prepare better for the AWS Developer Associate exam. These practice tests help you to know the areas that you need to work upon before appearing for the examination. Thus, you have a better chance to qualify for the exam during your 1st attempt and gain more credibility.
  • Lastly, you can also join various community forums and study groups. These online forums or groups help you to talk with the people who have cleared this examination and gain tips that might help you to clear this inefficient examination manner. You can also contact other candidates and then co-ordinate with them to prepare together.


AWS Developer Associate Certification exam is a bit challenging, but with the right amount of practice, you can clear this examination in your 1st try. It depends on your sheer dedication as well as the level of preparation that you do before the examination. You need to practice properly and then nail the examination.

Jonathan Rice

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